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As the outrage over the release of Libyan bomber of Pan Am flight 103 has been covered extensively by media outlets in the US, I could not help to think about another tragic civilian airplane that went down in the late 80’s. Air Flight 655 was shot down over the strait of Hormoz in 1987 by the orders of Captain William C. Rogers III.
Good old Captain Will, at the time was on a mission of protecting the interest of Sadam Hussein and the brutal Iraqi dictator to help in the fight against Iran. The mission of mercy for Sadam’s brutal regime took place under the orders of President Reagan and Bush senior. When Captain Will returned back to the US after downing the Iranian airliner, he and his crew tried to deceive the public around the course of events that brought down flight 655. Captain Will and the crew of Vincennes C-49 caused the deliberate death of 290 innocent civilians and tried to cover it up to its best of ability.

As the world is outraged over the release Lockerbie bomber do to humanitarian reasons, I wonder how they can be so silent on the celebration of death of 290 civilians aboard an Iranian airliner. The USS Vincennes and its proud crew celebrated its terrorist acts in San Diego California with a 3 day reunion. Three day party at the San Diego Bayside Holiday Inn with multiple cocktail hours, and a pool side luau. I have attached the fun agenda to this post. Please also note the memorabilia display on both days.
I just wished we as Americans showed the same outrage for crimes against humanity when committed by our own men in uniform. If this attitude continues in 20 years the proud prison guards of Abu Ghraib will be holding a reunion to celebrate the injustice and crimes against humanity that they have committed and the US media will kindly look the other way.
The memorabilia of these brave men and women of Abui Ghraib and USS Vincent are forever engrained in hearts and minds of the awakened. What amazes me is that these men and women do not even acknowledge the death of 290 civilians on its web site. Not one word about the actions that caused the downing of Iranian civilian airliner. Not one apology for the deception and lies told after the fact. Nothing except for the brave medals that they have received from the US government in performing the duty assigned to them.

Scott Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, received the Navy Commendation Medal, often given for acts of heroism or meritorious service.In 1990, Rogers was awarded the Legion of Merit “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as commanding officer … from April 1987 to May 1989.”

The C49 Party

The C49 Party

2009 Reunion | San Diego, California
August 27th through August 30th
The first annual USS Vincennes (CG-49) reunion has been scheduled to be held in San Diego, CA (the first homeport of VINCENNES) at the Holdiay Inn Bayside hotel.
We are still planning the events of each day and will provide the details as we progress through the coming weeks. Review the FAQ or contact us with any questions you might have.
Schedule of Events:
August 27th – We have set aside a block of 30 rooms for arrival on Thursday, other blocked rooms will be available for Friday arrivals. We will adjust these numbers as necessary, but early reservations are encouraged to assist us in tracking attendee numbers and ensuring we are not charged for unused block rooms
• Early check-in / Last-minute Registration
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering after noon – cocktails and drinks will be available.
August 28th
• Early check-in / Last-minute Registration
• Reception / Welcome
• cocktails and drinks will be available.
• Memorbabilia Display
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering – cocktails and drinks will be available.
August 29th
• Optional group Tour of the USS Midway Museum
• Free time
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering – cocktails and drinks will be available.
• Memorabilia Display
• Luau Banquet/ Meal Poolside
August 30th
• Farewell breakfast
• Business Meeting – Should we formalize an association? Future reunion discussions
• Depart

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