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Dating in Serbia is a bit of a challenge for a single guy. It is very similar to Iran in that sense that it has its own crazy methodology. War and religion has a tendency to group females as whores, or virtues born again virgins. Since no one can leave either country and get visas for abroad, then the only story in town becomes a tale for house wives as to who is sleeping with whom. In a closed society with out jobs, the gossip wheel is always turning! I have dated Iranian girls outside of the country, but never in my long visits to Iran was I able to figure out how the dating scene works because I was afraid of the morality police. I was chased out of an internet café because I was chatting with a girl.

Some idiot in uniform asked me about my relationship with her. I said I do not have one yet, and clearly it would be impossible since he was so rude to interrupt. The general sense that I got by talking to people about how the system of dating works is as follows: First, have accommodations. Second, have a car.

“Dating in Serbia is a bit of a challenge for a single guy”

Drive around the city around 6 to 10 PM at night by the parks etc. Have a few quick one liners to tell to the girls. Then exchange phone numbers and have a rendezvous at your apartment or house. Then the scarf comes off and you can drink wine, and unfortunately, in the case of many Iranian youth, take part in the black plague of Middle East, the opium or heroin that is imported fresh from Afghanistan, or smoke crack and similar garbage. This kind of behavior has created a generation of youth that are now addicted to the worst poison on earth that is available to the masses in much larger number then before the US engagement in Afghanistan.

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