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Serbs, Americans and Iranians do not respect the World Court for various reasons. The Americans think that justice is only good if it is by their laws, and all other civilizations’ legal systems are corrupt and a failure. The Serbs and the Iranians do not respect the court since it cannot enforce justice on all; let it be the injustice in Tibet, or the abuse of war prisoners in Guantanamo.

The Hague and the World Court are setup to deal with the underlings that no longer serve the needs of their masters in the west or the east. Yet, these master criminals like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney will never be subjected to the same justice that the folks that they empowered have faced. The World Court needs to be more than a judicial system that punishes genocide.

It must be strengthened and used to keep leaders accountable to the course of actions that they take in history, to ensure that it takes into account the will of the masses that they represent. It is not that the UN needs to change. It needs to be abolished and replaced by human values that it has lost. The UN needs to resemble the democratic values that the Great Persian King Cyrus established as its pillars.

Any future organization that replaces the UN needs to take into account the same democratic value that represents the bases of United States Congress. With a parliamentary system that effectively represents masses of population, the United States House of Representatives, and a senate, in which each country has a say regardless of its size. It charter needs to treat men of all nations equally in rights and in pursue of justice. Without such an organization, the only thing that is certain is more grid lock, more political regaling between the five permanent members, and the continued proliferation of conventional and non-conventional arms to rogue and undemocratic nations that each support in its sphere of influence. Such an organization needs a doctrine of human rights and equality that can be found in constitutions of most countries of the world, and unfortunately is practiced in only few nations.

We have created a global, trillion dollar arms race, that is in need of major conflict every decade

What we can agree on with my fellow Serbs and Americans in places like San Francisco, is that we have created a global, trillion dollar arms race, that is in need of major conflict every decade. This work power needs to be used for the better means of mankind. It must be subsidized, trained, and retooled on a global level to provide positive
impact to our global society. This global political gridlock and arms race needs the leadership of the global powers to lead the way in creating true democratic world organizations that respect human rights and the rule of international law for all world citizens, and not a class system based on what the Western European powers have created up to this point.

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