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This is an interesting article about the probability that a fair election would produce both too few non-adjacent digits and the suspicious deviations in last-digit frequencies – about 1 in 200. The ministry published data on 29 provinces for four main candidate- a total of 116 numbers.

Read the article below on too many 7s (17%) and not enough 5s (4%).  In addition, humans have trouble generating non-adjacent digits (such as 64 or 17, as opposed to 23).
The numbers were man made versus being random on fair election.

The election polling station got closed at 10PM.  The final results got published at 2AM with clear winner.  They counted 40 million paper-vote manually in less than 4 hours from all provinces which is impossible!

The initial ratio of 62% to 33% stayed constant during all demographic regions and during the entire process. It is like George Bush ratio being the same in California, NY, and Homestate Texas.  Mousavi is from Tabriz and lost in his hometown.  Other candidates lost  their hometown as well.

Government reviewed 50 station out of 360 showed stuffing of extra vote inorder of 3 million! Reviewing the other 310 station could result in 18-21 million of vote.

Last, 85% of people voted more than any election.  A government not respecting the people’s vote has no religion or legitimacy from Grand Ayatollah Montazeri

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