Global issues June 2009 Serbia USA Video


Let’s be clear that I am not educated as well on this topic as I should be. As many Serbs state that the KLA was the response to the brutal force of the Serb regime that marginalized ethnic Kosovo from 1991 to the time of the bombings. I have Serb friends that disagree or agree with this view point. I simply do not know if Chomsky is correct on this. What I do know is that the west did nothing when an illegitimate government took office in Yugoslavia. The reason I put this example up is because I am asking for a course of no action in Iran from the west today.  This is indirect contrast to what many Iranians want. I believe that by taking examples and studying our shared past and humanity we can all be mindful of the course of action a governments and politicians take. I know that I disagree with Chomsky in regards to the war crimes that Milosevic committed.  Not only I would not want to have dinner with him but he did deserve the world court and it was a shame that he killed himself before being convicted of the atrocities in Bosnia and elsewhere in the region.

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