June 2023

Who do you care to call Uncle?

Let me start by answering that question.

I was blessed with two amazing real life uncles on my moms side and this past week the last one Dai Mojtaba passed away and joined his beloved wife Mahboobeh.

I wrote the book on The Age of Nepotism and I had to make sure he got a post on this site.

Dai Mojtaba was a family man who loved his wife immensely. He was a romantic at heart and put his heart on his sleeves and wore it with pride. He loved his kids, his sisters, brothers, nephew and nieces. He was full of love towards others. He never heart anyone and was too cool to admit if anyone hurt him.

My uncle was a sweet and at times naughty man that loved his German Beer Guardans. He was well read and educated and was politically insightful. He was in love with Iranian Arts and Culture. He believed that their is no reason to apologize for who we are or what we become as long as we can live with our thoughts and actions towards each other.

After his wife passed away he visited the Bay Area and we spent many good hours talking about politics while we shopped at local dispensaries for medicine.

My uncle, like myself, was well endowed and tall. We would both play the roulette wheel of the house with cigs and beers! His life might have been shortened by cigs but he really enjoyed them after a beer. He and I disregarded modern medicine because we both enjoyed it. Just imagine the time we save by not being healthy yoga buffs!

The amount of time you spend balanced, wedigitating, meditating is a lot. My uncle and I smoked and drank and we enjoyed it and I can tell you he never did a dog pose in his life on a yoga mat. I tried that a few times and now with all this metal in me getting down is tough let alone a dog pose.

My uncle, sweet, educated and a survivor. He was a real life hero. He brought his kids out of Iran while facing many of the issues that migrants face. Rest his soul.

When it came to politics and history my uncle was very informed. I always admired the amount of knowledge he had in Iranian and Western politics.
My uncle is survived by my two lovely cousins. I hope to see them soon. He died of a heart attack.

When you are an immigrant you realize you love people that identify with your roots, with your core, with your being. My Uncle is my core. My heart is with my cousins. I wish I was to be a leaning shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately I am not as they are in Germany and I am here in the US.

Misery loves company! Please join us in Munich on Friday or this Saturday at Sharon Park in Menlo Park at 5:30 PM.

Bring your wine and beer and a blanket and let’s remember our lost loved ones!

So tell me do you have a living or deceased uncle that you care to share about them?

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