NSA Comedy! Join us on May 16th 2024 for this year’s NSA Comedy! In honor of hard working National Security Agency and their contractors that collect Data on all of us! We hope NSA joins us this year. We started this event in 2013!


Digital Rights and Human Rights are under attack. Join for our 11th year anniversary marking community support and grassroots activism as it relates to privacy and human rights.


Please join for this year’s event. As the United States congress is working to erode our basic rights to privacy and security in the digital age under section 702 and global conflicts rage across the world, join this online free event on May 16th 2024. Join the conversation with human rights organizations, digital rights and peace activists from around the world discussing our inept leaders and big tech corporations that undermine our digital rights and freedom.As in previous years, we aim to unite on our shared human values and basic fundamental human rights as our rights are under attack in the US and around the globe. We hope you will be inspired, entertained and rejuvenated in defending basic rights and values that we are all entitled to regardless of our differences.This year’s presenters will include the role of surveillance state, impact of technology companies in undermining our digital security, current genocide in the Holy Land and the nuclear arms race.We will end the evening with comedy as we laugh at powers at be and global institutions that are incapable of solving the pain and challenges that humanity faces.

Event will be streamed live at: 

No fees to attend. We encourage attendees to research and fund organizations mentioned in this event.


Marianne Díaz Hernández :

is the #WhyID Campaigner at Access Now. Marianne is a Venezuelan lawyer, digital rights activist, and fiction writer, currently based in Santiago, Chile. Her work focuses mainly on issues regarding online freedom of speech, privacy, web filtering, internet infrastructure and digital security. She founded the digital rights NGO Acceso Libre, a volunteer-based organization that documents threats to human rights in the online environment in Venezuela. Before joining Access Now, Marianne worked as a public policy analyst for the Latin American NGO Derechos Digitales. She’s volunteered for Global Voices, particularly for the Advox project, since 2010. She has also published several fiction books, and co-founded the small press Casajena Editoras. In 2019, she was recognized with the “Human Rights Hero” award, granted by Access Now, for her “research and leading advocacy efforts against invasive measures taken by the Maduro government in Venezuela. In 2022, she was selected as one of the Global Leaders of Digital Human Rights by the Ouano Foundation.

Co-Director of Civilian Agenda, Ousman Noor

promoting civilian protection in Armed Conflicts. Ousman studied law at SOAS: University of London, and social anthropology at the University of Oxford. He worked as a human rights barrister in London for 9 years, and taught law at SOAS. For 3 years, he was Government Relations Manager at Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of 250+ NGOs from 70+ countries, advocating for new international law on Autonomous Weapons Systems. He is now Co-Director of The Civilian Agenda, promoting civilian protection in armed conflict.

Roots-Action Organizing Coordinator: 

Ryan Black is a political organizer and digital marketing professional based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He previously worked with various marketing agencies and for campaigns across the country as a consultant, campaign manager, and videographer.

Roots-Action Coordinator Emma Claire Foley,

Defuse Nuclear War / Specialist, Nuclear Issues,  Emma Claire Foley is a nuclear weapons policy expert, writer and filmmaker who has spent her career working for nuclear disarmament campaigns. Her commentaries have been featured in Newsweek, NBC, the Guardian and other international news outlets. She is also active in healthcare organizing through the Democratic Socialists of America.

Kevin Welch is the president of EFF-Austin,

a digital civil liberties organization that was founded alongside Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and which continues to be a member of their Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA). At EFF-Austin, he leads their push to educate the public and politicians about important legal and cultural issues confronting society in emerging technological spaces, and has spoken at diverse venues on these topics including at SXSW and to State Department international delegations. He is a Caltech graduate with degrees in Bioengineering and English.

Brett Wilkins is a staff writer for Common Dreams (

He is also an officer of the San Francisco Berniecrats, an Our Revolution affiliate. His writing, which focuses on issues of war and peace and human rights, is archived at

Electronic Frontier Foundation Legal Fellow Brandon Gilliga-

 He is on EFF’s civil liberties team, where he works on free speech, surveillance, & privacy issues. During law school, Brendan interned with the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, Center for Investigative Reporting, Center for Media & Democracy, & Federal Defender, & was a Student Attorney with the MacArthur Justice Center. Brendan holds a J.D. from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law & a B.A. from UC Irvine.

Vahid Razavi

previously founded Ethics In Technology 10 years ago and after an exhausting search Vahid didn’t find any ethics in Big Tech, now he knows better and is now focused on No Ethics In Big Tech. He is the author of two books The Age of Nepotism and Ethics in Tech and Lack Thereof. He has produced hundreds of videos on various social issues, including ethics in technology, Silicon Valley, regional politics, poverty, war, and social injustice.

Rev. Martin Todd Allen is an Associate Minister at the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples.

He is Doctor of Minister (DMin) of the Pacific School of Religion. Previously, Rev. Allen worked as a prison, hospital and military Chaplain and currently works as a hospital chaplain in Mississippi. In addition, he serves on the board of directors of The Human Agenda.


Mike Rufo’s

songs and poems arc across the waves of life.  His music is gripping and eclectic, reflecting his impassioned engagement with the world. Mike’s musical language builds upon powerful lyrics, soaring vocals, driving rhythms, and melodic riffs that explore emotional depths and transformation.  Mike’s repertoire moves seamlessly across a range of original and re-imagined traditional and contemporary songs, from poignant to powerful, from rockin’ to refined, he will take you on a journey of the heart, body, and mind. He also mixes things up with a knack for the well-conceived parody, with a dash of political punch, like his popular singles Hit the Road, Trump! and Spyin’ Eyes.


Amy Dontblameme

is a freelance writer and researcher who watched too many YouTube videos one night last year and decided  to start writing jokes as a way to practice public speaking, try a new creative skill and avoid the habit of opening social media to unwind. She loves it when the surveillance state finds cute clothes in her exact favorite style and size and puts them conveniently in her Facebook and Instagram feed for purchase.

Cathy Zhao

is a bilingual comedian and actress based in San Francisco via Beijing, China. She has roasted mayors, statesmen, FBI agents in her comedy and she has worked with Margaret Cho for comedy shows. She co-founded Laugh It Out Hub – a 501(c)3 non-profit to empower the mental health of teenagers through comedy workshops.

Jessica Mulder

is a Curaçao-born, South Florida-raised, Los Angeles-based human with creative tendencies. More specifically: a creative producer, content creator, comedian (host/producer of Forbidden Fruit Comedy Show – 1st Friday of every month at Bar Franca in Downtown Los Angeles), graphic artist, and songwriter. What? It seems like she does too many things? Well, she’s also a Capricorn so, deal with it. Check out her Linktree!

Filmmaker Peter Menchini

joined the marketing team from Bad Taste for a Good Cause as they took to the streets of San Francisco to promote a premium contaminated drinking water containing raw untreated sewage and unfiltered sea water called Gaza Springs: A Taste of Genocide.

No Ethics at Big Tech providers in the US including Meta, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, HP Enterprise, Apple.
Interviews, Panels, Comedy shows focused on Ethics In Technology a community based organization. Https://
Access NowAccess Now
Digital rightsfor everyone. Derechos digitalespara todas. .الحقوق الرقمية للجميع Droits numériquespour tous. Access Now defends and extends the digital
X (formerly Twitter)X (formerly Twitter)
Co-Director @CivilianAgenda | Human Rights & Refugee Lawyer | Politics, Justice, International Relations | Optimist :v::skin-tone-4:sd

Human Rights for Some—Indifference for Others

Human Rights for Some—Indifference for Others

My name is Vahid Razavi. I have been a member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots for the past five years. During this time, my former 501(c)(3) organization, Ethics in Tech, was awarded multiple grants to produce content on behalf of the Campaign by its Steering Committee.

With the Campaign’s support, Ethics in Tech organized events featuring speakers including Nobel laureate Mary Wareham, Mines Action Canada director Erin Hunt, and numerous experts in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous lethal weapons systems. In addition to hosting luminaries in the activist space, Ethics in Tech also incorporated headlining comedians as part of our unique approach to addressing some of the most existential issues of our time.

Our events—especially prior to the Covid-19 pandemic—were well attended and drew national and international media coverage, including from Japanese broadcaster NHK World.

I have always been a steadfast supporter of the Campaign’s mission of a world free from lethal autonomous weapons. When Israel launched its genocidal retaliation against the Palestinian people following the horrific October 7 attacks, I and a number of Campaign members implored the Campaign’s Steering Commitee to make a public statement against the use of AI-powered weapons in Gaza. As a human rights organization, I believed the Campaign would naturally condemn what thousands of internationally experts including one of Israel’s leading Holocaust scholars called a “textbook case” of genocide.

Alas, imagine my dismay and disappointment when the Campaign terminated human rights attorney Ousman Noor after he published a social media post condemning the Gaza genocide. In the wake of this most dubious decision, more than 2,000 human rights defenders signed an open letter in support of Mr. Noor. This resounding show of support went unanswered by the Campaign’s Steering Committee.

Was Mr. Noor just a rogue disgruntled employee? Hardly. Another staff member, the Campaign’s UK coordinator, subsequently accused the Campaign of racism. When multiple staff members accuse an organization of open racism and retaliation for taking a position against genocide, the organization’s value’s demand further scrutiny.

I have been warned, threatened with expulsion, and told to be silent while I witness an AI- driven genocide before my very eyes. Is the innocent blood of tens of thousands of men, women, and children being spilled in Gaza not worthy of the Steering Committee to act?

In response to backlash from Coalition members, the Steering Committee has resolved to rearrange the proverbial chairs on the deck of the Titanic. They will be conducting a survey of Coalition members in the weeks ahead. I submit that the Campaign must immediately publish a statement condemning, the genocide, by the  use of AI-driven systems utilized by Israeli occupation forces in their assault on Gaza.

Project Nimbus used Google and AWS cloud for machine learning, AI using facial recognition, and object tracking and targeting.

Red Wolf mass facial recognition training all over occupied territories for maintaining apartheid control of Palestinians.

Blue Wolf used on smartphones to capture facial details of Palestinian users.

Smart shooter used for AI and Automatic shooting of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories for “crowd disbursement.”

Finally, Gospel that is used to target over 200 journalists that have been murdered and maimed, sometimes along with their families, throughout Gaza.

The embedded video was an event that I participated in with Ousman Noor and fellow coalition member in regards to countering intimidation and retaliation in peace and disarmament in support of Palestinian human rights advocates. 



NGO campaigns working in peace and disarmament are plagued by Western-centric and racist structures. The response to Israel’s genocide in Gaza by several Western led NGOs, including through discrimination, intimidation and silencing of human rights advocates speaking up for Palestine, exemplifies the deep-rooted prejudice held towards the legitimate views and aspirations of non-white and Global Majority states and stakeholders.

This seminar examines these practices in light of the events at Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of 250+ civil society organizations across 70+ states, led by world leading peace and disarmament NGOs. In October 2023, leaders of the campaign dismissed Ousman Noor as Government Relations Manager, after he spoke up against apartheid, ethnic cleansing and occupation in Palestine, while coalition members calling for accountability and transparency have since been ignored.

Free! No Registration Required!
Language: English without translation
[How to Watch] Live on Youtube at
Event will be available for future viewing on the same link above!
Endorsements: Arms and Civil Society Research Forum, International Peace Research Institute Meiji Gakuin University (PRIME), JSPS KAKENHI Number 21K13250, Network Against Japan Arms Trade (NAJAT), No Ethics in Big Tech, Nonviolence International Southeast Asia (NISEA)

Speaker Bios:
Dr. Tamara Enomoto is Associate Professor at Meiji Gakuin University, Japan. From 2003 and 2015, she worked as a policy officer on humanitarian and arms control issues at Oxfam. She has authored and edited books including The Arms Trade Treaty: The Self, Sovereignty, and Arms Transfer Control (2020 in Japanese), Weapon Taboos: Genealogies of Pariah Weapons (2020 in Japanese), and Bouncing Back: Critical Reflections on the Resilience Concept in Japan and South Africa (2022 in English).

Ousman Noor:
Ousman studied law at SOAS: University of London, and social anthropology at the University of Oxford. He worked as a human rights barrister (lawyer) in London for 9 years, specializing in refugee and detention law, and taught as a Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS. For 3+ years, Ihe was Government Relations Manager at Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of 250+ NGOs from 70+ countries. Following a personal Tweet calling for an end to occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Palestine, his employment was terminated.

Sahdya Darr:
Sahdya was UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Coalition Coordinator from June-December 2023 until she resigned because of the silence and inaction of the UK and global Stop Killer Robots campaigns on Gaza. Since 2020, she has worked at the intersection of technology and society (migration, warfare, education). Sahdya is deeply invested in ‘how’ we do the work of building a better world and always has abolitionist and organiser Mariam Kaba’s ‘questions I regularly ask myself when I’m outraged about injustice’ in her mind.
Mr. Vahid Razavi Founded Ethics In Technology 11 years ago and now knows better and he is the Founder of No Ethics In Big Tech, is the author of two books, The Age of Nepotism and Ethics in Tech and Lack Thereof. As a lifelong activist and humanitarian, he has produced hundreds of videos on various social issues, including Ethics In Technology, Silicon Valley, regional politics, poverty, war, and social injustice.

Mr. Fred Lubang:
Fred Lubang is the Regional Representative of Nonviolence International Southeast and served on various advisory boards of various global disarmament campaigns. Concurrently, he is also the National Coordinator of the Philippine Campaign to Ban Landmines and has led the implementation of one of the peace agreements on clearing explosive remnants of war in the Bangsamoro. Fred was awarded the 2022 Sean MacBride Peace Award for his “unflagging work and commitment” to humanitarian disarmament. Fred is now working on his PhD dissertation on ‘a decoloniality framework for humanitarian disarmament’ at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia.

European Legal Support Center:
The ELSC is the first and only independent organisation defending and empowering the Palestine solidarity movement in Europe through legal means. It provides free legal advice and assistance to associations, human rights NGOs,
groups and individuals advocating for Palestinian rights in mainland Europe and the UK.

“Registration is not required. Simply tune in to the live stream on YouTube at on 10th February 2024 at 13:00-14:00 (UTC).”


As Gaza Burns, Injustice to One is Injustice to All – A Letter to Stop Killer Robots

As Gaza Burns, Injustice to One is Injustice to All - A Letter to Stop Killer Robots

Statement to call for accountability at Stop Killer Robots following the dismissal of Ousman Noor as Government Relations Manager, and for campaign statement on international law violations in Gaza and need for ceasefire.

Dear Steering Committee of Stop Killer Robots,

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Ousman Noor, who was dismissed as Government Relations Manager at the Stop Killer Robots (SKR) campaign on the 27th October 2023 following his personal post on X/Twitter on the 14th October relating to the escalating violence in Israel-Palestine. His dismissal raises serious concerns regarding the Steering Committee’s (SC) implementation of SKR’s Vision and Values and commitment to an intersectional approach towards humanitarian disarmament, and we call upon the SC to take concrete and immediate steps to address these concerns.

As stated in the Notice of Termination, Ousman had performed this role for 3+ years with “dedication, commitment and skill” and his work was appreciated and respected across the SKR campaign coalition. The speed and severity of his termination, absent any disciplinary hearing, indicate that his dismissal was motivated by an effort to isolate him from the campaign, and to penalize him for expressing his views regarding the ongoing conflict.

Additional concerns are raised regarding the appeal process initiated by the SC. The termination of his employment prior to the appeal process, failure to disclose relevant documentation, and severance of access to his work account, all suggest a lack of procedural fairness and transparency. The public announcements via the campaign’s website, listservs and on social media platforms made by SC, in which it makes “categorical” claims regarding the termination, suggest that the SC has already concluded the outcome of the appeal prior to its completion. These claims further undermine the integrity of the appeal process.

Throughout this period, SKR has refused to make a statement regarding the need for a ceasefire despite the unprecedented level of violence being witnessed in Israel-Palestine. During this time, at least 20,000 people have been killed, mostly women, children and the elderly. 135 United Nations Staff— the highest number of UN fatalities recorded in a single conflict –other humanitarian aid workers, more than 300 medical personnel and more than 90 journalists and media workers have been killed. 85% of Gaza’s population has been forcibly displaced from their homes since the aggression began. UN experts have described these acts as “mass ethnic cleansing” and “a genocide in the making”. These atrocities have been committed in the context of a long standing occupation of a civilian population, in which one racial group dominates another through apartheid, a crime against humanity.

In addition, it is well known that Gaza and the West Bank have been the testing ground for some of the most advanced automated surveillance and warfare technologies before these are exported around the world. Human rights experts have noted that autonomous weapons systems have the potential to automate Israel’s uses of force and help entrench Israel’s apartheid against the Palestinian people. An investigation, conducted by +972 Magazine, raises the alarm over the use of Artificial Intelligence and automated technologies in the detection and selection of targets, used to kill civilians at an alarming rate, describing use of the “Habsora” system as enabling an “assassination factory”.

The SKR campaign has a published Vision and Values statement. In addition to concerns around the use of automated warfare technologies, these values include working to assist the vulnerable, and pursuing non-violent solutions to problems, using cooperation, negotiation, and activism to overcome systems of inequality and oppression. Given SKR’s professed commitment to these Vision and Values, it is alarming that the SC has not taken steps to issue a statement concerning these grave breaches of international law – and naming them as such – especially given reports that they are being aided through the use of automated warfare technologies.

The failure to issue such a statement, as well as the dismissal of Ousman as Government Relations Manager by the SC, point towards an underlying failure by the campaign’s leadership to abide by the campaign’s own Vision and Values. In addition, these actions suggest a failure to adhere to an intersectional approach to humanitarian disarmament, which requires recognition of the interconnectedness between layers of inequality and oppression, contributing towards power structures that favor certain protected groups over others.

In order to address these concerns, we call upon the SKR leadership to take the following immediate steps:

  1. To provide the remedies sought by Ousman in his Grounds of Appeal against termination, including to offer him reinstatement of his employment as Government Relations Manager for the campaign, and to provide him with relevant documents and access to his account to enable the fair conduct of his appeal.
  2. To provide the SKR campaign coalition members and the wider public with an honest, transparent and comprehensive explanation of how, why and by who, decisions were made leading to Ousman’s dismissal as Government Relations Manager for the campaign.
  3. To provide immediate and ongoing transparency in relation to the campaign’s sources of funding and affiliations.
  4. To institute mechanisms within the campaign structure to ensure responsiveness and receptivity to campaign organizations regarding the preparation and publication of relevant statements relating to conflicts around the world.
  5. To commit to a genuinely intersectional approach to humanitarian disarmament, recognising the interconnectedness between layers of inequality and oppression, contributing towards power structures that favor certain protected groups over others.
  6. To issue a statement, in accordance with the campaign’s Vision and Values, to condemn and challenge the ongoing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in Israel-Palestine.

As of 18th January 2024, this letter has been signed by 1,788 organizations and individuals. The list of signatures, combined with the range of comments made by signatories, is as follows:


Vicky De Souza Manila
F. Qureshi
Sophia Akram London
Sara Alsherif
Griff Ferris London
Sofia Lyall London
Dr Syed Mustafa Ali London
Bana El Assi No one should ever be terminated for voicing their opinion especially on a humanitarian issue. Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Rasha Lababidi Montreal
Yasser Khan London
Haleema Qazi Pittsburgh, PA, USA The hypocrisy of SKR is glaring! “Killer robots” are literally being used against Palestinians, and you’re silencing and punishing those who speak out against it. You’ve lost all legitimacy if you don’t take the steps outlined in the letter.
Ameer shaheed
Tarik Chardon Genève
Emile Harding Geneva
Huda Kitmitto Geneva
Tamara Enomoto
Shahrzad Ghorban Geneva
Yousef Amman
Esraa Mahmoud Haarlem
Lukindo mbuli Geneva
Imane M Paris Cease fire on Gaza! SKR is supposed to be exemplery and neutral!
Janet Weil PALM DESERT All best wishes to Ousman Noor.
Taner Bodur Melbourne
Shamshad Muscati Rancho Cucamonga, California I emphatically believe Ousman was unfairly dismissed for speaking the truth. As the world can witness the war crimes the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians  continues.
Nada Tarbush
Rajae el Haddar Amsterdam
Ebnomer Taha Zürich
Saleem Rashid Sheffield
Hawwa bobat
Sherry Khan New York
Cristina Deptula Davis
Ross Rice San Francisco
Raul Delarosa San Francisco
Despoina Maniadaki Geneva
Ydraios Georgios Geneva
Maung Zarni London It is morally and professionally unacceptable that SKR has joined many institutions that have now made McCarthyite policies of Censorship.  ISRAEL IS ONE OF THE FRIGHTENING MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES THAT TEST AI-GENERATED AND OTHER WEAPON SYSTEMS IN “THE PALESTINE LABORATORY.” Ousman was doing what a moral, principled and compassionate human would do.
Tania Bukhari Good luck, we demand justice be done!
Shaheen Munshi London
Abdiaziz Farah Melbourne
Entela Granada
Sean Sinanan London
Vesna Strugar Bsograd
Dario Armani Trieste
Melissa Short Berkeley, CA Stop killer robots and killer governments and killer subcontractors NOW. Stop the killing!
Robert Jones Weston-super-Mare
Chris Jones London
Seed Paris
Sanna Khawaja LONDON
Nabil Elassi Dubai
Elham Tarbush
Leila White London
Ayan Absia London
Gregory Proch Paris We will overcome
TK Warwickshire
Syed Hammad Ahmed Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire I salute your efforts for humanity. Keep it going.
Natasha Malik Hamilton
Tania B Beirut Thank you for being brave  and standing for what is right
Rafiq Lababidi Dubai
Dima Asfour
Qais Kasabri New York We seek justice for every and each human
Bushra Ebadi Toronto
Zaid Bustami Montreal, Canada
Sidrah Qureshi Melbourne
Clarissa Mansfield Bellingham, WA
Rana Ar Amman
Natalie Kabasakalian
Carla Lafortune Saco
Gail Nestel
Humera Noor Birmingham
Adil kham
Sherif Shafie Dubai
Kristen Otenti
R Belmouloud London The truth cannot be suppressed
Saba Faruqui London
Renata wimer Mexico city
Sherif Shafie Dubai
Damon Ramsey Vancouver Free Palestine!
Rahet N Scotland
Tania Haque Manchester
Sonja Bernau bei Berlin
Rasmus Hemse Stockholm
Elena Good luck 🙌✌️
Shahzad Khan Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Li Oxford Would someone have been dismissed for expressing solidarity with Israel following Oct 7th? If not, then a troubling and obvious double standard exists here, one which is likely to bring grave disrepute to the stated aims of this organisation and its leadership.
Nergiz London ON
Roelof Bijkerk
Ziena eldieb Cairo
Arsalan Akhtar London
Carol Grayson Newcastle Upon Tyne
Maureen Kelsey Palermo
Ahmed Zayan Seattle Free Palestine
Patricia Carbajales-Dale Seneca, South Carolina I am sorry this has happened to you.
Hala Kitmitto San Diego Justice is a moral obligation
Micheal Jones London Disgusted at both your silence and your treatment of this man.
Harry Groome
Thaminah Choudhury
Stephen Olive Merseyside
Umar Carter Chicago
Sameer Hasan
Sheila Hughes Free Palestine and end the genocide!!!
Susan Phillips Alexandria
Carolina Romero
Zogherah Jhb, South Africa
Shirley Jakarta, Indonesia
Zain Esseghaier
Hamzeh alodat Riyadh
Sarah Streatfeild London
Mark Billing Wirral, UK
Sunil Chodha Londom
Sarah Taylor
Rayeena Plainfield, Illinois
Sean Hurley Hamilton
Evan Cofsky Los Angeles
Nader El-Masri London Free Palestine
Sameena Ahmad Chorley
Hamdy Hassan Benicia, California.
Majid Freeman Leicester Respect for taking a stance and for speaking up. Keep up the amazing work. We need to continue speaking up for justice for ALL.
S Naseem
Stanice London
Andy Platt Nottingham UK
Joey Rettner London
Patrick Shi Timmer
John Mahon Washington DC
Sajjid Zeeshan London
Shereen Alima London It’s a disgrace that you fired ousman for speaking out against the bombing of babies
Shabina Khalifa Warwickshire
Azeem Shaikh Montreal
Aldorn Kaseke Cape town
Sahira Birmingham
Houda Bennini
Ozgu Akcakir San Diego Being silent to the genocideis complicity
Lilly London
Zeid AbuOdeh
Mohamad Zeitoun Fremont Please adhere to humane standards and guidelines, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or origin.
yasser hashem
Shiza Khan
Sohel khan Kitchener
Dr Shohrat Free Palestine
Stacie Weaver Hershey, PA No organization committed to human rights would fire an employee for advocating for human rights.
Caitlin Miller London
Saqib Noor
Mary Sisco Thank you for having a heart and soul.
Natalie Smith
Zakaria Kawsar London
Jennifer Phuket
Manzoor Mustafa Ahmed London
Kirsten Hummel Quebec
Robert Martin Dublin
Zachary Kirkpatrick Barcelona
sean smith
Sammy Mendonca London
Nora Schild
Iman Bugaighis Lisbon
CM Bednarski London UK
Yara Awad
Question? New York
Taina Chahal Thunder Bay, Ontario
Abdel Rahman ELSAYED This extremely worrying considering Israel’s extensive use of autonomous weapons on Gaza
Teresa Smith Los Angeles
Clarence Okoh Washington DC
Helen Black Nelson
Assad Yousef
Vinodha Joly Livermore Our sense of humanity cannot be selective. We cannot stand silent when war crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed.
Daniel York Loh London
Fatima Derbi Manchester
Zoe Vidaly London
Dr. Timnit Gebru Palo Alto
Dilan Manatunga Atlanta
Hiba Arshad Toronto
Katherine Zhou Stockholm
Crystal R Widger An organization that promotes justice and human rights firing someone for promoting justice and human rights blows my mind. Shame on you for not speaking out against the genocide of the Palestinians and for punishing someone brave enough to do so.
A Smith
Kashif Glasgow
Absolutely agree Manchester UK
Anita Kanani London I am fully in support of this letter and urge that steps are taken as outlined in it
Joe Carmel Wishing you all the best.
Peace for Palestine and Israel Addis Ababs Justice to Ousman Noor!
Elisabeth Wolfe Ventura CA
Ellie Harding Total injustice. The company should stay true to basic ethics.
Dr Ammar Waraich Birmingham UK
N. Mansour, United States Aren’t “killer robots” being used in Gaza in violation of int’l law on a daily basis? Particularly to target civilian individuals (journalists, doctors, scholars & their families) Why would you fire someone who stands for what KR is meant to represent? I find the paradox distressing.
Kat Dodds Vancouver, BC, Canada I think it is unconscionable for an organization like Stop Killer Robots to behave in this way and to not make a statement in oppostition to the Genocide in Gaza.
Nathan Los Angeles
Murtiza Taymuree Los Angeles
Rani Bangalore
Farhana Ali Manchester
James London
Ayse Turkmen
Khaldoon Khaireddin Los Angeles
Esra Murad Wokingham
Isabel Avina Vallejo
Amal chehayeb
mara ahmed new york I urge SKR leadership to address the concerns laid out in this letter.
Christian Cmehil-Warn Cambridge Europe
Maybelline Ungar Florida, USA
Bob Symonds Birmingham UK Speaking out about the Palestinian situation is a courageous intervention given the support for Israel from countries in the West and their MSMedia’s. The use of AI weapon systems in this genocidal response to non-combatants is truly sickening and horrific, given the overwhelming military superiority of US/Israeli  weaponry and fighting forces. I am therefore surprised Ousman’s employers have removed him from his position, rather than supported his position, given the work he and his employers are engaged in? I trust Ousman’s appeal against dismissal is heard, investigated fully and is successful, in regard to reinstatement, adequate compensation, or both.
Mona Baker Oslo
Haroon Malik Watford
Shirin Haider Helsinki
David Cullen Oxford, UK
Frank barry Paris Stop the genocide in Gaza.
Frank Afranji Tigard , OR
Carl Webb Austin
Speaking out against injustice isn’t a crime.
Hari Ziyad Los Angeles
Ahmed Metwally Calgary, Canada Please stop prejudice against people who stand against thr ongoing genocide. Otherwise, you are being complicit in it.
Sandra Pereira Lisbon 👉 Free Palestine 💪 Equal human rights for all 🫂 Merry Xmas 💫✨️
Marlabetz Figueroa Jacksonville
Barney Carroll Reading, UK
Mehnoor Khaliq
Aini Jelani
John Pawson London
Katrina Browne Londonderry NI
Albert Sabater Coll
Denis Dalton
Karen Bernal Sacramento
Chadapohn Chaosrikul Bangkok
Azeem Khan New York
Orsola Casagrande
Marwa AlGamal Alexandria
S. Motsinger Wilmington, NC
Reena Geevarghese NYC
Faisal London
Hassan Gulraiz Toronto
Timothy Garrison Chicago Israel is using AI to exponentially increase its  capability of targetting civilians. Few equally salient opportunities exist for SKR to actualize its values, yet they chose hypocrisy.
Lenina Oliveira Geneva Ousman has a right to free speech.
Nafiul Islam  Birmingham,  AL
robert rizzuto bronx ny
Waseem k Cambridge
Janine Perlman As a person of Jewish heritage, like the great majority of the world I abhor the atrocities being visited on Gaza by Israel. It is completely unacceptable that a person who is making a  personal statement about obvious crimes against humanity and war crimes should have his employment terminated. The irony that CSKR took this action would be laughable if it weren’t an exemplary employee’s job at stake, lost because he took the right stance on one of the clearest breaches of international law and basic human ethics since WWII.
Salof Farabia Bucharest Given your NGO’s mission, I find it shameful how you dismissed Mr Noor. Instead of standing by him for his opinion which falls in line with your mission statement from what I understood, you proved bigotry and hypocrisy.
Faizal Daniels Cape Town
MAQSOOD AHMAD Greater Manchester
Lena Jayyusi
Khalid Bashir Birmingham
Stryker Kelly-Thompson Detroit
Gitika T Seattle Washington
Diego Alcalá Laboy Wilmington, DE
Akram Jahanian London
S D Lulz
Hilal Malawi
Nancy Hammond Chicago
Masab Khan Chicago
Tali Shapiro
P Atkinson Texas October 7th does not justify the killing of a single innocent soul.
Simone Glasgow
A. Joseph Layon, MD Gainesville FL
Rose Altmeyer Charlotte
Iram ahmed
Abdul Raheem Calgary
Muhammad Chaudhry Manchester
Mark Fleming Seattle
Dr AHMED FAROOK BRISTOL It’s time we call a spade a spade, and not fear the dust that is kicked up. Injustice, dehumanisation, ane genocide MUST BE STOPPED, whoever the perperator. To hide behind accusations of anti-semitism assumes the crimes form part of the Jewish culture, and nothing can be more unjust against the Jewish religion and the Jewish people.
Dylan Nguyen Little Rock, Arkansas The world is watching.
Sharon Beck McKinney
Alexis Preston New York
Lesley Barker Mortain
Steve Los Angeles Stop retaliating against people that want to stop a Genocide.
David Eccles The Whanganui a Tara
Umayr Hassan Lahore, Pakistan
Luke Steele London
Elle Uwakwe Londo
Mario Molino Palermo, Italy
Patricia foley Naas
Christopher Kapilla Edmonds, WA Godspeed
Phil Baptiste Leeds
Sasi Tempu
Rune Kongshaug Oslo
Mike Harling London UK
Steven Lucas Albany, CA.
Adan Diba Nairobi Transparency, justice and accountability to be served to Ousman Noor
Ali hachem Huntsville
Abdelrahman Dubai
Constance M Davidson Perth, Scotland
Maria Munir
Ahmed Mohammed
Yasir Hassan London The arbitrary and unilateral approach taken by the organisation raises serious concerns as to the biases of the leadership, and how deep these biases run? I will be monitoring the outcome of this with interest.
Kyla Bowen-la Grange London
Danny Heap Toronto
Gary Lord Australia
connie sanchez Adelaide
Zahir Haque Slough
Sahar Cury New York
Asim Toronto God be with you. The hypocrisy is incredible. Incase you have any bandwidth or know anyone who does, we’re also trying to attain “1948 letters” to symbolically point to understanding root causes of this colonization. Learn more here: Keep the faith. @studentAsim
Isaac Jones
Amal Al Azzeh Geneva – Switzerland
Misael Mondragon Dallas
Sharon foulds Staffordshire
leila lamarti Liège
Mohammed Naushaduddin Sydney Keep the good fight going
Sonya Pervez Preston
Lauren Councill
Naheem Zafar oldham
Jessica Santos New York Jessica Santos
Aisha Syed Richmond
Asima Ramzan Manchester
Prakash Diar Ottawa
Mark A Washington DC Thanks.
Beatrice Brown Sydney It is very disappointing that an organisation that opposes reckless killing via technology sacked a man who opposed reckless killing in his personal life. No company should presume that they own someone’s personal opinions, and the disdainful way the company sacked Ousman does not bode well for its ethics.
Isra Yazicioglu Wynnewood, PA Integrity, justice and transparency: urgent and non-negotiable. Palestinian Lives, too, Matter.
Linda Jansen Seattle, WA  USA
Joni van der Westhuizen Johannesburg South Africa Why aren’t you protesting and dismantling the automated and AI weapons being tested on Palestinians
Meryem haguiga Tunis
William Barnett Swindon
Amjad Qureshi Islamabad I m worried about future of humanity
solmaz eshraghi Toronto this is a critical moment for us to amplify voices against genocide
Suhailah Akbari Berlin
Krista Kitmitto San Diego
Deb Keys
Nasim ahmad Peshawar
Ian Brokenshire Darwin, Australia Thank you for your courage and conviction
Brian Masterson London
Yahya Saudi Arabia
Mark Gerban Peaceful dialogue should never be condemned, and this is a violation of Freedom of Speech. Please reinstate.
Summiya Khalid Toronto
Asem Alaa London
Shawn Africa From the river to the sea Palestine will be free
Dr Sofiane ABBAR London
Yvonne Davies Herefordshire
Omer Selcuk Lonodn
Abdelrahman Eldesokey
Clare O’Hara Dublin
Pamela Salazar Irvine
Valber Hudson Danbury
John Le Fevre Phnom Penh Free Palestine, end the genocide
Stephanie Wrightson Harrogate
Saira Aly Brighton Unfairly dismissed not thru lack of performance at work but personal out of work expressions
Junaid Kalang Preston
Sophie Ciurlik Rittenbaum Norwich
Rashmi Luther Ottawa
Jessy Jordan Berlin, Germany
Ashley Dalton Sydney
Wlad Tijma
Maureen O’Hara London
Tawfiq Wolff Los Angeles
Danish Zahur
Andy Madsen Buffalo, Wyoming In time, those organizations who worked to silence voices protesting the immoral and illegal ethnic cleansing by the Israeli Government will be held accountable. Please reconsider your actions here and ensure you stand on the right side of history. The Palestinian People deserve our consideration, our support, and to be treated as full citizens of the worldwide community.
Fadhma Izri Washington, DC Silence in the face of injustice is an endorsement of injustice.
Shaleece Baltimore
Salah Uddin Union
S. Faraj Viola, WI
Hal Reed Philadelphia
Mohamed Amir Abdelrahman Osman Munich The silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor
Ali Britton
Germeid Gimborn
Dala Taher Montreal
Rachel Sydney
Vin Tanner I’m very sorry Stop Killer Robots has discriminated against supporters of Palestine and Palestinians, especially when doing do goes against the supposed goals they claim to have! I wish you all the most luck in resolving such a wrongful termination and total lack of upholding the values of fighting against military technology.
Kate Kilner
Mohammed hassan
May Hulsman Boston
Amz London How can a person calling for peace be fired. You people are genocide supporters.
Ashraf Khateeb Jordan
Adel K
Isabelle Sykes London Shocked and deeply disturbed by both the lack of support by Stop Killer Robots for a ceasefire in one of the most horrific of illegal wars, as well as the decision to dismiss Ousman. Doublethink at its worst.
Abdel Bagegni Reading, UK
Umar Khan Ypsilanti
John Targett Christchurch, U.K
Richard Patterson San Martín de Teverga
Musa Izhiman Jerusalem
Vivian Kelly Galway
Nathalie Owe Geneva- Switzerland
Nur Kampar The common people of the world is against the occupation of Israel towards the Palestinian
Kirby Evans Ottawa, Canada When enough people speak up for justice, justice will come!
Robert Jereski New York Good luck.
Ton Robinson London
Md Yusuf Dublin, Ireland
Dia Konate Shame on SKR for firing an employee whose position is truer to the organization’s mission than whatever it is SKR’s leadership is doing.
Susan Saberi Toronto Humanity is one, when one is in pain and suffers all humanity is in pain and suffers.
Emily Borg
Waseem H. Winnipeg, MB
Felipe de Castro Andrade Ilha Solteira – SP – Brazil
Aysha Toronto
Abdullah Al Hussain Dagenham
Dannon Ivey Please consider the Gospel targeting system adn the considerations of AI targeting in this matter
Renee Rappard Lanigan
Emma A London The firing and  silencing of people denouncing the bombing of Gaza is undemocratic and politically dangerous. Ousman Noor is entitled to side  with the oppressed and oppose the genocide or ethnic cleansing taking place in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank
Jeena Malik
Liz Mednick
Joana Pereira France #freepalestine
Raquel Lainde Madrid
Rabia Anwar Manchester
Roman Sanders
Betina Gnisci Buenos Aires
Benli Weiterstadt
Louai Eleslamboly Cairo
Tarik Aougab Philadelphia As a mathematician and a member of the Just Mathematics Collective (see our BDS campaign statement here: I am disturbed to hear that an organization which commits itself to disarmament has failed to make even a passing statement in support of the victims of an unprecedentedly large bombing campaign. Truly, what is the purpose of a campaign such as this if it’s unable to speak up now?
Muhammad Sleman
Myra Khan
Adek Tripoli
Francis Andtes Calgary This is Not A political issue. It is a morale, humanitarian issue
Rachel Jespersen
Roohi Qureshi Toronto
Mohammad S
Carole grbin Glasgow
Hamzah Awad Hajeir
Miriam Yilmaz Neuss Germany
Mo Toronto
Saeed Ghanim Manchester
Nathaniel Pennington Manchester All the best 👊🏽
Ubaldo A Laredo Ecatepec, Mexico Ceasefire NOW in Palestine
natalie potter STOCKTON-ON-TEES
Marya Ahmed
Jane Ireland London
Rob Sawers Washington D.C. I stand with Ousman Noor. He is a committed advocate for those suffering from oppression and violence by killer robots and that includes the Palestinian people. Stop Killer Robots should be congratulating him, not firing him, for his statements on the violence against Palestinians in Gaza.
Talha Faredi
Rochelle Harris
Razina akhtar Birmingham
Amber W Los Angeles
Simon Gulliver Hove
Hamzah Nassif Toronto SKR should restore the public’s trust in its mission by reinstating Noor and issuing a statement condemning Israel’s assault on Gaza, calling on it to refrain from unethical use of AI systems to target Palestinian civilians, and to call for an immediate ceasefire.
Anwar London
Quinesha McMath Enterprise
Diane McLoughlin
Anna Hamilton, ON, Canada
Saif M Montreal
Terry ahwal Farmington Hills Best wishes!
Lisa Ling San Francisco Bay Area Supporting human rights or IHL is not only a matter of convenience or only if and when politically safe, in my opinion it is an actual binary. Either one person or organization supports human rights across the board, or they do not support human rights. Either one supports IHL across the board or they do not support IHL. For these critical issues there can be no fence to sit on.
Jo Murphy Dublin
Rashid Ahmed London All communication to be via email,.not SMS or calls.
Arfan Amaluddin, concerned citizen Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Jay Ali London
Jumana Saleh London
Sammy Miah
Ezio cusi Shawnigan lake
Sabrina Volpi Rome
Ali Shakur Chicago
Paula Muth Aquebogue
Naim Uddin
Sami Adurehman London
Melinda Sanders Atlanta Ceasefire now!!
Husam Elsheikh Leesburg
Dina Sorour Calling out genocide should be supported, not punished
Buhle Maseko-MacArthur Cape Town
Samar Hadrous Corona, California
Robert Islip NY Hold Israel accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Nikhil Dharmaraj Cambridge
Zhimei Zhu
Julie Houston Glasgow
Annie McNamara Whitstable
Ali Aziri
Elias Madbak
Daniel Vargas Mexico City Free Palestine
Ramid Khan The plight of the Palestinians is a stain on humanity and has been for decades. Even more of a tragedy is the suppression of voices which want an end to the suffering of the Palestinians.
Asghar Toronto
Joe Chang Toronto
Sarwat Ahmad Plainfield
AbdulHafeez S.
Hajid Hassan Muscat
MK Woodward
Wally Waliullah Los Angeles
Sadia Saaher Toronto Please, do not punish people for speaking the truth and standing with the oppressed.
Belinda A Melbourne
Alshimaa Mostafa Kyoto Stop this systematic racism against people who are brave enough to say the truth
Adil Jadoon Boulder
Rashid Haq London
Jeanette Anderson Canberra
Ghias El Yafi London Good luck
Pablo Augsburg
Sasha Baker St Albans
danielle Rio de Janeiro
Cherie Austin
Ahmed Arafa Osaka
Heather Brescia Lacrosse, WI Speaking out on genocide is a moral obligation. No matter the cost, thank you for your humanity.
Salman Naqvi Toronto Wow, it’s insanely ironic that an organization dedicated against the use of lethal AI dismissed someone who spoke up against Israeli army, who’s actively using lethal AI!!!! How ridiculous is that?!!! Stop Killer Robots , you got explaining to do! Please sign, share and urge others to sign!
Salma Fawzi Tokyo
Rami A London England
Muhammad Melbourne
Omima Parkville
Linda Sarihan Christchurch, New Zealand
Sajah Hammoud Sydney
Alison Johnson San Francisco
Fauzia Islamabad
muberra sahin McKinney
Ciara Walker Staten Island NY
Sohad Jamal Danbury
Bonita Archer
Jacob Lester
Rick McCallion St Catharines Israel IS a killer robot. “Anne And Joe Argue About The Child-Killing Murder Robot” by Caitlin Johnstone
Andrew James
Zara Chaudhry
Lucy Seattle
Naseem Ottawa
Ali Khwaja Toronto
Shahid Siddiqui
Mustafa Meghjee London
Jean McDerbmott Burnaby BC
Rehan Ashraf London, United Kingdom
Hasan Rahman Canada
Constanza Riderelli God bless you
Ruhana ali London
Don Cooper Toronto, Ontario
Dhananjay Patil Mumbai I support Ousman Noor’s Appeal For remedies against unfair dismissal. Israel has been using AI & other advanced technologies in perpetrating this Genocide in Gaza. Osman Noor’s dismissal from ‘Stop Killer Robots’ for personal post meant to draw attention towards atrocities in Gaza is very antithesis of cause SKR claims to espouse. “Reinstate Osman Noor & investigate who & why took decision to fire him im such highhanded manner! “.
Elizabeth Engel
Shahin India
Munazza Anwar Karachi Plz provide justice to Ousman Noor and stop atrocities and child killing in Gaza. Provide relief to the innocent victims of Gaza
Shihab Ahamed Abdul Hameed Sydney
Louise van Rhyn Cape Town
Dr Fatima Pakistan Stop censuring Pro Palestinians people, promoting their mass murder !
Naima Imaan Rabat No to any HR violation. Stop the discrimination and oppression!
Hala Aldosari Washington DC
Jonathan Lu Palo Alto, CA
Ron Jetty Madison
Assim Kamuka London
mehmet kahramanmaraş
Iftikhar Mahmood Aurora
Saad Sayed Mumbai
Rehman Bangalore
Anna-Luisa Brakman
Andreas G. Flober Siem Reap Free Palestine. I am not an Antisemite.
Susan Smith Woodland Hills
mohamed ebrahim
Nicola Banks London, UK
Mohsen Javdani Vancouver
Sajjad shoabe South Windsor
Farah Kuala Lumpur
Nouhad Aoukar
Salim Salim Montreal From the river to the sea, everyone should be free
Melissa Finn Waterloo, ON, Canada
Nadeem Khan Mumbai, India Stop injustice on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.
Hasna Alaoui Auckland
Chance Beretta Jacksonville Israel is committing genocide and war crimes against Palestinians and all of Gaza where 50% of the population are children, i am a white American, and do not have a dog in this fight, but I am not too blind to see truth and through the Israeli lies and propaganda. God bless the children and the people of Palestine.
Hanane Boubakra
Nizar Sarieldin Berlin
Rayya Ghul Edinburgh The return McCarthyism is one of the most disturbing aspects of the past two months, let alone disregard for free speech.  SKR has discredited itself with this summary dismissal and risked appearing partisan.
Marta Joaquim
Andrew Simmonds Hereford
Annie siddons London
Scott Johnston Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada
Muntasir Joarder Brisbane
Adnan Shaikh Auckland
Mario Foster
Sumreen Winnipeg
Husam Abuhaimed
Rene Buxh Dussseldorf
Iman Jilani San Diego
Ori Blum Anti-Zionist Jew descendant from survivors of the Nazi death camps, and son of “Israelis” who emigrated to “America.” Let me know if you think I may be able to assist somehow. Happy to talk. Free Palestine🇵🇸
Ian Heath Brisbane, Australia Cease fire now
Ayman Fahmy Injustice to One, is injustice to All
Mohamady El-Gaby
Sophia Adam Scotland
Siân Finn Birmingham
Sarah Brazil Geneva
Keith Watson
Thomas Williams Manchester UK
Thoric Cederström Geneva, Switzerland
Eric Wellington
Zeinab Benchakroun San Rafael
roxi charmel Allentown
Aslam Palestine will be free
Brett Leeper Springfield If the use of killer robots to commit genocide and war crimes isn’t topical to the mission of Stop Killer Robots, what are y’all even doing? And why should y’all expect to fundraise ever?
Abby Whorton Costa Mesa
Siva Prasad Rambhatla Hyderabad
Zaid Habashneh Amman
Rachel Luxton
Darran Scully Reading
Sabina Leicester UK
Pat Matsueda Honolulu
Nura sheer
Aasif Rasul Bangalore
Courtney Evers You should be ashamed of yourselves. What kind of organization like this spits in the face of an actual genocide and emergency? They are using advanced weapons of war on a defenseless population. You all need to reevaluate what it is you are actually doing!
Jim Pinckney Auckland
N Iqbal Birmingham
Payal Parekh I too wrote an article in German about Palestine and lost a major contract. Now I am reduced to doing menial work to pay my bills; Solidarity and peace to you. How such a campaign can fire you for pointing out human rights abuses is beyond me. It makes me question the whole campaign.
Aaishah A Sheffield Thank you for your sincere support Ousman for standing up to injustice- this is scandalous and unfair – you have my support – we will not be silenced amidst genocide wherever it happens.
Latifa Brasschaat
Mansur Mahmud London
Wissal Abdallah
Amina Fajjia Antwerp
Hend Gaza Solidarity and more power to you
Achiri Nicosia
Monica Perez Switzerland AI in warfare should be forbidden and a war crime since it’s so unrreliable.
Amjad Ghafoor London Give him his job back!!!!
Saifullah Taj London A world where injustice runs rampant is not acceptable. Everyone must mobilise to establish truth & justice. Corrupt elements must not be allowed to hold sway or parade their small ideas. They must be pushed to the margins of society. God has already guaranteed that truth will prevail. We just need to make a stand & take that first step. God is the guarantor that the criminals of this world will not get away.
Sahrish Ahmad Auckland
Laurence Meyer
Axel Brammeier Stendal, Germany
Javed Butt Dresden
Dr. Manzoor Nowshari Germany Nein
Jemaï Alissa Lyon
Bernadette Barton Manchester
Daisy Garcia
Patricia Nolan For Augustus
Bashir Sacranie London Resistance to the attack on Gaza and Palestine ls an obligatory act upon every human being in the interest of justice and sirvival
Kashif Naseem Greater Noida Stay Strong Brother
Dilshad Marikar bury st edmunds
Jon Aresti
Natasha B Cambridge Never tire of speaking up for justice.
Aminat Amoo London
Shazia Siddiqi Chicago
Amr Khafagy
Lucian Fiul New York
Budhy Manegara Helsinki
Tahir Shah London
Ahmed Banat London
Ahmed Abusamra
Mary Henderson Edinburgh
Kashif Choudhry Paris
Theo Green
Iqa Zuhdi Amsterdam
Ahmed Saleh Amsterdam lets Free Palestine together
Dr Jaafar El-Murad London, England
Yusuf Motara Makhanda
Ramzi Elkhater San Diego
Taaseen Rahman London
Kashifa Aslam Melbourne
Maryam Iqbal Copenhagen
Oktavia Arief Jakarta
Mahmoud Aref Cairo
Damon Minchella Cardiff
Furkan Çay
Abdulmalik Abdulrahman Roseville
Suleman Anwari a ceasefire now to stop this genocide
Martin Franklin London
Erich Friesen Saint Louis, Missouri
Ehtesham Siddiqui Mumbai
Roy Bly Sheffield UK
Remmelt Ellen Amsterdam
Em Tan Turkey
Ahmad Sodikov Birmingham
Ismail murky
Carmen Martins Portugal
Lisa Martínez London
Saira Court Christchurch
Elisabeth Wynne Walpole
Donovan Chicago
Daphne Hunter London
Jakir H London
Laura Guerra Austin
Xavi Portalés Castelló
Councillor Sabia Akram Slough It’s beyond comprehension that an organisation designed to raise awareness, impartial and fighting for fairness. Can be so  biased and inept at meeting it’s own fundamental purpose and objective. The world is now truly a scary place.
Kiran Chudasama Leicester
Faour Alfaour Dublin Peace for  all
Ayesha M. Alli Toronto
Dania koleilat Khatib Dubai
Rihab Hermessi Haarlem
Cherry Barnett
Silvana Molina Washington DC
Melissa Carranza Milwaukee Thank you for standing up against bought & US paid for propaganda by Israel & AIPEC. The True side of the story needs to be shown to the world.
Wasef El-Kharouf
Kevin Flanagan Hartford
Anasa Sinegal
Muhammet Celik Munich
Igor Cherstich
Ali Mehdi Sydney
Irene Sotiropoulou Ormskirk
Imad Seattle, Washington
Riz Iqbal Manchester
Nassim Fathallah Montreal
Ceyhan Sarac MANCHESTER / UNITED KINGDOM It is shame the organisations such as Stop Killers Robots staying silent on obvious violations of human rights and massacred Gazan families and children! I also it is very ironic that when  one of their employee Ousman Noor acted to protest against these human rights violations even if on his personal capacity he was punished by dismissal from his post. Finally, I condemn…employer Stop Killers Robots for their deplorable act!
Hamid Biglou
natasha shoaib KL
Yusuf Mohammed Yahaya Kano, Nigeria God bless you
Dr. Ruth San Martin Toronto I think what this organization has done is reprehensible.
Madeeha Ansari
Corina Gurau London
Ali Torabi Stockholm
Iffat Multan
Lamia Touiti Bouebdellah Gabes – Tunisia
Omar Hijaz Boston
Yara Awad
Gila Kaplan Denver Palestinians are Semites too. Stop Anti-Semitism. Stop complicity with genocide and with the Zionist project.
Ilse Cardoen Ninove
John fowler Austin
Faisal Khan
Pierce Sharelove Victoria BC
Ann Newton-Marcial Eastbourne This is disgraceful but indicative of the situation where support for  Palestinians often results in the loss of employment.  This situation has to stop and support for people who support the oppressed is  seen as being on the right side of history.  We should never support a system of Apartheid or those who murder and are complicit in a Genocide.
Dima Balbisi Oakville
Rafidah Abdul Hamid Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Benedetta de Niederhäusern Modena
Anya-Nicola Darr Exmouth
Lila Lamrani Paris
Mohamed Ismail Johannesburg The truth will set you free #freepalestine
Quraysha ismail sooliman PRETORIA
John Robb Ayr
Budi Witjaksono Batam Indonesia
Rania Elessawi New York We all need to speak the truth, history is not subjective. There are only facts.
Susan London
Natasha Toronto
Rania khas Jordan
Glen Harnish Boston, MA
Yasser Hämeenlinna
Rya West Torquay
Lina Paris
Ahmad Jamal El-Ahmad Beirut
O. H. Arman
David McGarry Liverpool
Leila Tarighi Cambridge
Alia ElKattan New York, NY, USA
Cody Dolnick Joshua Tree
Huma Dar
Sarah H New York
Pia Singh
Dr. Daina Romeo
Barbara Myer
Kudzai New Jersey
Shoaib Rasib Birmingham UK
Shewit Zerai Los Angeles
 Nausheen iqbal
Ruhana Pimenta Lima Cambridge
Ali Shehper
Fatima Hassan London
Gulsum Amsterdam
Eric Dynamic Ypsilanti, MI
Lizzie Eldridge Glasgow
Michelle Staton Belle Mead, NJ
Jeanine Abuahmad
carolyn weaver new york
Salman Waheeduddin Franklin
Atif Mohammed Toronro
Noah Rahman
Dr. Hassan Karim Dallas, TX The mission of SKR aligns with Ousman’s statements. It is appalling that SKR would capitulate to its detractors demands.
Yeiri Robert Bronx
Anne Hansen Stavanger
Sarah Dwidar Geneva
Tony Saleh London
Sara branco
Nour Eddine BENCHEIKH I support freedom of speech and freedom of thought
Umara Chaudhry
Ali Malik
Amir Seattle
Mitzi Austero Manila, Philippines Glasgow
Mauricio Dominguez Amsterdam
Samira Londerzeel Stop the long arm of Zionists in politics, finance and humanitarian world
Tasawar Awan Reading Na
Iman Abdullah London
Zille E
Michaela Wik Israel in front of Hague!
Petra Schuster GERMANY
Jorge Quito
Brynn J Morrison Sharjah, UAE
Gabriela Siegel
Patricia J Fontes Hopkinton RI USA
Jade Bartlett Coventry
Nina Bartlett Boston, Massachusetts
Banu Turan Karlsruhe Germany
Jennifer Armento
Esma Aslam Bedford
Rebecca Ruth Gould Bristol, UK
Sofia Hassan Milton Keynes
Ezgi Yıldız
Rama Oakville
Rachel Fleming Edinburgh Terrible decisions by SKR – both on the termination of Ousman’s employment without due process, and the silence on the international crimes being committed in Gaza. SKR risks seriously undermining its own credibility.
Sara Sarwar London, UK The world is awaken.
Morgan Drew Sydney I wish you all the best
Sajid Butt
Gene Moy
Abdalla Osman Minneapolis
Ana Brandusescu Montreal
Jonathan John Geneva
imene Ghernati Burlingame
Thomas Bassey
Arcade Wise Atlanta, GA, USA
Nathanael Gerber Toronto
Anass Koudiss New York City
Maria Cipollone, PhD Rehoboth Beach, DE
Ross Miglin New York
J. Carlos Lara Santiago
Simon Landry, PhD
Subho Majumdar
Hakim Benichou
David Heeg Arlington WA
Khurram Zaidi New Brunswick
Shamama Khalid Toronto
Benedicte Frostad Oslo
Obaid Abdi Amsterdam
Sinead Almole Newry
Darshan Sanghrajka Oxford
Taylor Crain
Safaa charafi Gent I’ve been fired too so good luck! It’s a badge of honour!
Faith Addicott Portland, OR
Laura Oliveira Pereira Brasilia, Brazil
Audrey Walstrom Denver
Randall Newnham Eugene
Layla Solatan San Francisco
Amir Nathoo
Linda Ruiz San Diego
Nikita Ramsey Detroit
Gabriel pinna Feliciano São Paulo Na
Lisa Hayles
Sinet Mohammed Redmond
Lina Abdulrhman Washington, DC
Fennel Aurora France
Dominik Miketa Oxford
Kay Johnson
Halima Sadia Birmingham
Mohammad Keyhani Calgary
Faridha Karim
Leslie Zhang Seattle
Vivek Katial Melbourne
Siara Nazir San Francisco
Rochelle Harris Aberdeen
Imran Malik Bolton
Madhu Rama Washington DC
Mena Kuchi Oakland, Ca
Andrew Salib Melbourne, Australia
Toni Oberto
Tahereh  Hosseini Canada Thank you for your support of innocents and oppressed. Please update us on linkedin
Sangita Ekka SAMBALPUR, India
Hussain Masood
Muhammad Khurram Karachi
Manal Siddiqui Toronto
Nick Russell Irvine, CA
Gabrielle Hibbert
Isaac D. Tucker-Rasbury Los Angeles
Cristóbal Rodríguez Santiago
Nader A Allan Mason
Dilber Nurdinova London
Ra’ed Arab Canada
Douha Ead Atlanta
Jean-Christophe Helary Takamatsu (Japan) What you are doing is right.
Moe Hay Kaung Sunnyvale
Ali Alwahaibi New york
Neige Gaudillat Amsterdam Once again these kind of organizations demonstrate their only concern is for hypothetical harm to whiteness. When their very founding purpose is in effect, now, against millions of people, they turn a blind eye because those people are not « worthy ». Shame. Shame.
Anusia Dublin Amnesty has declared Israel an apartheid state. Any organisations or individuals that support Israel’s aggressions in Palestine are indirectly or in some cases directly complicit in apartheid. Palestinians are being denied their human rights, they are being slaughtered, men, women and children. Never again then, not one day more now.
Dr. Raazesh Sainudiin, PhD & Docent Uppsala, Sweden Freedom of expression is an inalienable human right
Gokul Bangalore
Rory Donaghy LONDONDERRY Renstae this man now.
Heemah Ade Abha
Ebru Goek
Kayra Hopkins
Rara Reines London
Mark Sta Ana Norwich
David Hardman London (UK)
Alessandro Ferretti Torino
Yehiya Sinwar Gaza
Meron Estefanos Stockholm, Sweden
Tony Montreal Dortmund Justice for all humanity
Raymond Forbes-Schieche San Juan
Megan Moore
Peter Colban Berlin
Harpreet singh
Elizabeth Ehrenzeller West Pittston
Kristin Bigras
Abdellah Boufroura Calgary
Akiko Oguchi Japan
Erin Doolittle Manchester
Tracey Gyateng London I genuinely hope the actions that have been outlined in this message are taken forward by SKR. Keep up the pressure
Alexandra Carson
Beckett Edwards Portland, OR
Yasmin ahmed Stoke-on-Trent
Pete Kronowitt San Francisco
Cláudia Soares
Roy Wenborne London
Sarah henderson
Lamisa Rahman
Shakirah Muhammad Atlanta Justice for the babies, for the mothers, for the children, for the brothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, animals, and HUMANS stuck in the middle of a political and economical struggle. Free the Palestinian people today and forever.
Maritza García Castro PR
Steve Wright Oakland
Emenike Godfreey-Igwe
Shah Bas Khan
Ayesha Bagus Cape Town As a South African, I stand firmly against the apartheid laws and ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine.
Nicole Elmasry Lady lake, Fl
Ben Samuel London I worked with Ousman as campaigners in London and am saddened at what happened.  I have looked at the tweet and I don’t see anything wrong with it.  I would encourage you to speak with your union representatives if you experience this sort of treatment in the workplace.
Aynur B Australia
Rasmus Münster Free Palestine!
Helen  Evans Sydney I have been following Osman’s story.  It’s a disgraceful conflict of interest that SKR steering committee have placed themselves in, it undermines their credibility and public trust in their work. Shame.
M A M Accountability and Transparency, minimum
Sulvun Surndhu Singapore
Tufail Hussain Birmingham
Yousra Rahmouni
Judith Muse Lunenburg MA
Saliha İstanbul
Dr. Amir Ameri Zurich
Petter Wildhagen Oslo Thanks for sharing!!
Lea Sarabwe Kigali
Meredith Whittaker New York City As someone who risked my career to speak out against the development and deployment of AI-powered surveillance and targeting systems at Google, and who is now watching similar systems being used in Gaza–which according to investigative reporting are being applied to authorize and expedite unprecedented killing–I am greatly saddened by the actions of Stop Killer Robots. Firing Noor undermines the the purpose and integrity of the Stop Killer Robots organization and campaign, which is heartbreaking given that now, as such systems are being deployed to horrifying effects, is the time where we need such organizing and expert resistance the most.
Thu Nghiem Calgary Canada
Benjamin Harbakk Stavanger
Hamdy Mubarak Benicia, California.
Renee Sieber Montreal
Yasmin A Fishers, IN This is great injustice that someone being fired for exercising their free speech in America! We do not live and work in a Banana Republic. Shame on SKR
Yomna Salem Toronto
Mark Gubrud The military campaign mindset is not appropriate for an organization that claims to represent the interests of all humanity. Transparency and acceptance of input are needed.
Dalia Salem
Samantha Andrel Philadelphia, PA
Iman Saleh
Sara O’Connell El Cerrito
Fida Taher Amman
Ali Raza Ahmed London
Yasar Hammoudeh Amman
Jalil allabadi Amman
Husni Khuffash Toronto
Dima Obeidat Amman
Jane Rohnert park
Mich W Brighton Look fw to an explanation!
Naila Farouky Stop silencing voices that speak in support of Palestinian rights and be on the right side of history for the love of God!
Alice Waterman-Hale Ipswich
Carol Amman
Ahmad Abu-Shaqra Hannover, Germany
Sadaf Pleasanton
Nisreen Mousa Amman, Jordan Free Palestine!
Jiyan Al Alami Jordan
Tahseen Adeeb San Jose None
Samar Dudin Amman Jordan Power to you and to anyone who speaks on behalf of Palestine your courage is what makes the world a better place 🙏 please you can reach out to Lamees Al Deek a lawyer based in US or to legal aid for Palestine for support .
Nada taher Jordan Justice now
Mimi Ana Santa Clara
Pathma Oakland
Mike Sanford Santa Clara
Abdullah Al Nsour Al Salt
Yasmin San Jose
Jindu Obiofuma, Esq.
Ruweida shakhshir
Hanan shahin Amman, jordan
Sima kanaan Amman
Takeshi Fukuda Tokyo, Japan
Mayce El Kharouf
Umar Farooq Adam Kuala Lumpur Rehire Ousman and Free Palestine
Umar Mumbai We need peaceful life for everyone & Palestinian has the right to live in free world. State of Palestine should be created for peaceful existence of three oldest faith.
Masaki Inaba Tokyo
Sara Masafi Dubai
Monica Perez Basel
Dr Zaina Gadema
Ayman Ayad
Kitabayashi Takehiko Hachiouji city,Tokyo
Mai Arai Bangkok
Maha Zabaneh Toronto
Yasmin F
Tom Hickey Brighton, UK This outrageously unfair dismissal, and absence of due process, is yet another brick in the wall of silence over Israeli atrocities that governments and corporate entities are attempting to erect. The latter will fail, and Israel’s impunity will be challenged.
Anand Utrecht
Moh Haider Milton Keynes
Jamari Mohtar
Salim khanfar Jordan
Frances Brace Ipswich
Shahad AlSoudi Amman
Amani Abu Hilal Amman, Jordan
Subramanian Tiruchirapalli Pleasanton Peace should be the focus and not war
Tamlyn Monson Folkestone
Sahar Ansari Milano
Mohammad Al Taher Milano
Issam Alzinati
Kay Johnson
Mina Chuong San Diego
Rebecca Williams New York City
Duong Hoang
Takayuki Kodera Machida
Homam Al Ansari
Aref M.Y.
Walid Shihabi Dubai
Areej Mahmoud Amman
Rama Cont Oxford
Eisuke Naramoto Sagamihara, Japan I do not think that condemning the ongoing genoside in Gaza by the IDF is blameworthy, at all.
Ayah Doha
Ehab Abdullah Milwaukee wi
Cathy B Glenn
Mireia Rimbau
Hosian Kaldine
Scott Gruber Arlington, VA
Ahmad Rushdi Omar dungun
Fadlun bte hj Ab kadir Singapore
Wan Farhah Kuala Lumpur
Cut Intan Auliannisa Isma Jakarta
Laurie Adkin, Professor Emerita Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Catherine Hume Toronto
Hala Shalan Amman
Eben Kadile Graz
Heidi Paredes Serzedelo
Inga Steen Oslo
Sabah Amman
Nor Ghazali Kuala Lumpur
Azman Bin Kamaruddin Kuala Lumpur Support Ousman for telling the truth and to reinstate his current position with immediate effect.
Amin Desa
Sana Khan New Jersey, USA Thank you for your service to Humanity.
Yasmina Al sayeh Bahrain
Dina Kasrawi Manama, Bahrain Free speech is protected
Nadeen Bahrain
Dina Hayek Amman
Shaddin Almasri Vienna
Talal Sharaiha
Christoph Geneva
Khaled Abdel Majeed
Shaheen Hasan New York
Salah bustami New York
Marwa Dubai
Matt Perez Khouri Los Gatos
Nur Arafeh  Virginia
Mary Gent
Imane B Paris
Mona El-Bayoumi Washington D.C.
Alessandro Geneva
Anita wadhwa
Anna Dollbo Rotterdam
Sahdya Darr I’d like it to be noted that I’m the former UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Coalition Coordinator.
Stephen Ballantine
Hajar Rahman Johor Bahru, Malaysia Do whatever we can to help the oppressed Palestinian people with your own methods and expertise
Sabah Hussain London Free Palestinian from apartheid occupation and hold Israel accountable for breaking international law on dozens of occasions, including prior to oct 7 2023.
Laia Barcelona
Lauren Schultz Long Beach
Nick Rush Salt Lake
Shafia Lampeter The Silencing Must STOP!
Sofia Surla
Oda Andersen Nyborg Oslo
Matthías Pétursson Reykjavík
Carlos Viteri Quito
Mary Nazzal
Rula Jardaneh Amman
Maha Abdallah
Mona Brighton – UK
Huwaida Arraf Detroit, Michigan
Eileen Weitzman
Leigha Gillespie New York
Charlotte Kates Vancouver
Beth Breisnes British Columbia
Christopher Helali
Eric Geller Nashua
Rachel R Dallas
Aleta Toure Richmond
John West Chicago
Luci Murphy Washington, DC
Derrick Sosa Bay Area
Stanford McConnehey Davis
Haitham Mohsen Egypt
Moaz Elshebly
Mohammad MirBashiri London Miss you, Ousman! Been following your posts and supporting you all the way! Mo
Aby Sene
Hamzah Awad Hajeir Amman – Jordan
lush horizon Hillsborough
Ciara Taylor Chicago
Efia Nwangaza Greenville, SC
Garnett Achieng Dublin
Zeid Shaban Amman
Fida khwaja London
Yasser Taima
Iqra Imran New Delhi May justice prevail in your case Inshallah
Nancy demicheli Paris
Mariano delli Santi London
Lina Jordan
Mohammad Shaha Jalal Bangladesh Do Everything Good required for better Humanity for The sake of Allah.
Nour AlGharibeh Amman
Dalila YOUS Paris Free Palestine!
Lama Haj Riyadh
Lama Ibrahim Sharjah
Lara Haj
Stephen Ingle Quincy
Ahmad sarshar Vienna virgina
Nathan Best Geneva
Ruji Khan London
Kate Burns Los Angeles
Carol Grayson Newcastle
Tali Shapiro Israel
Claire Pannell Mandurah
Ruth Dawkins Hobart, Tasmania
Basma Tareq
Naheed Gilani Vancouver
Judith Muse Lunenburg
Robert Lipton Richmond, CA courage!
Martyn Hedley
Muhammad Khan
Zara Valentinova Madrid
Laith Mohammad Gothenburg
Ingunn Stray Kristiansand, Norway
Nadia  Islam
Jo Murphy Dublin
Ahmed Jamal Gothenburg
Vjosa Morina
Jameson Joyce Congleton
Abla Khatib Rabat
Dr aleem The hague
Annabel Galt Bedlinog We must be free to stand up against genocide. Never again we said.
BENNINI  Houda Courbevoie (France) YOUR VICTORY IS OURS.
Eric Tibbott Wellington  New Zealand
Jamilah Sherally Amsterdam
Warren Stapley London
Madina Kuiliev İstanbul
Suzanne Burns Milborne Port
F Toufik Houten Keep up the great work! Cease fire now
Hawwa Bobat Portsmouth
Mahfoodh Mohammed Al-Shaaili Mu
Vanessa Farr Sheffield
Randeep Samra Sheffield
Ylva Amsterdam
Choudhry kashif Orleans
Maha Elias Winscombe
Zulfiqar Ishaq Dallas, TX Stay strong. The end is for the believers.
amit mujawar
Sadaf Rahman London
Michelle W.
Mubariz S New York
Maureen Plant Abingdon
Hisham Mokhtar Kuala Lumpur Free Palestine
Majdi Mustafa Amman
Abdul Aziz London
Daniel K Sydney
Ricardo Lamour Montreal Signing also as 2023 OHCHR fellow
Lauren Councill
Robina Iqbal United Kingdom
Naima Rabat May justice and peace prevail for the sake of humanity!
Animah Kosai Nottingham Employees should have the right to speak up for human rights. It’s called being human!
Navideh Sadoughi How on earth, asking ceasefire is controversial?!?
Fareshta Touhami Ashburn
Sebastian Lillo Wiesbaden
Iman Bugaighis Tripoli
Ryan Ward Cambodia
Alegra Dajic
Hamza London
Ahmed Amin
Michael Khalsa Sydney
Sena El Banna United Kingdom
Zawar Khan
Iva Gumnishka
Yvonne Davies Herefordshire I hope you find justice
Mark Gerban Hamburg, Germany
M Abughazaleh
Umay Esencayi San Jose Free Palestine!❤️🖤🤍💚
Lab Mehmeti Germany Keep fighting against genocide and freedom for all! May God bless you!
Mark Stanger
Natalie Strecker St Helier
Maitreyee Boruah Bengaluru Free Palestine
Mohamad Zeitoun
Melek Dogan Amsterdam
Wan nazmee Wan jaafar Kuala Lumpur
Maureen Kelsey Palermo
Kangere Njanja Nairobi kenya from the river to the sea Palestine will be free within our lifetime
Audrey Paterson Cairo
Seif Salmawy
Farhana London It is unacceptable and should be against the law how individuals are being treated
Ali Sezgin Işılak Geneva
Aleks Palanac Leicester, UK
Zoë Spoudaia London
Eirini Aimiliani London
Anna Kalinowska Warsaw people have right to benefit from freedom of speech
Pav Akhtar London
Zainab Zuberi
Elena Gorman Gateshead The world needs more Ousmans!
Samia Tossio London I want for my neighbour that which I want for myself and my children – the simple rightful right to live with love and die in peace. It is only right that we speak up for those who have no voice, without the threat of baseless and meritless accusations and loss of jobs. The lack of balance, empathy, and kindness, the twisting of truth to frame a narrative that perpetuates mass assassination has broken the hearts of millions around the globe – whatever faith or no faith anyone has. For the good of the whole we must have an an end to the slaughter of innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the ugly side of politics and profit before people. There is plenty for everyone – no? What is wrong with wanting BALANCE for all of us? Why is that so hard for the ‘powers’ to accept and strive for! #CeaseFireNow and commit to finding a way through and stop this running round in destructive downward spirals that only seem to serve one purpose – divide and conquer, a tale as old as time. #TeamHuman #RightfulRights
Heather Melbourne
Vicki Gollan Sydney
Migena Milan Italy
Adnan Sayyed Glasgow
Rom Shuttleworth Melbourne
Fatima Boozarjomehri
Gabor We stand with you
Soleman Sydney, Australia
Rafiq TSCHANNEN Senggigi
Alexander Nedergaard
Joanne Ewart Newcastle NSW Australia
Lisa Budapest
Namiq Kunimoto Shah Alam, Malaysia The person who fired this gentleman should be held accountable ..
Mohammed Abdelwahed
M.Fatih Sanli Ankara
Anthony McCabe Reading
Amani Rizq Amman
Nader khodadadi
Tania Ashraf Washington DC
Rasyida Zanial Malaysia
Hannah Uguru London
Zulekha Pretoria
Sk Tarif Ali Pune, Maharashtra, India
Reena Geevarghese New York
Saleh Katba Bader
Yasmin Dada
Nelson Pereira
Laurent Lambert Doha
Jannette Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Betina Gnisci Buenos Aires
Ravenna Hennane Alicante, Spain
Declan Kelly Derry
Jacqueline Carroll Perth
Abdul Hafeez Sadon Klang This is critical moment of humanity. Do not fail us.
Mohammed Ayaz Bradford UK
Hamdy Hassan Benicia
James McCoy Fleet
Mido Cairo
Tom Hoeksma Cambridge I was shocked to hear of Ousman Noor being dismissed for his political views and not for any failure delivering his amazing service fighting for Human Rights at Stop Killr Robots. Please re-instate him immediately.
David Reilly Malaga
Madison Olson
Amine Hajji Edmonton
Miguel Aberdeen How can a company called Stop Killer Robots have anything against people standing up against an unfolding genocide in Palestine being openly commited by Israel? There has to be something seriously wrong with the mentality of anyone who can’t see the truth on this issue, either that or they’re being deliberately complicit.
Natalie Brinham Kent
Mir Quadri
Jaclyn Sham Brisbane
Jacob Chen Pasig City thank you for your service.
Pawel Abdessalaam Al-Alestini Siwczak London
Nasima Begum Essex, UK
Latifa Fajjia Antwerp
Stewart Mills Sydney
Jonathan Galton In solidarity
Alejandra Lima
Ala Haimour Amman
Cecilia Nobre Birmingham
Muhammad Noorani Brantford
Faraz Janoo
Kameil Sattar London
Fatima Zahra Washington dc
Jennifer Clarke
Rawan Jordan
lissett costa rica
Sama Abdul Gafoor Maldives, Male’ Free Palestine
Rehena begum London
Leila Ahmed London
Mustafa Hilal
Roger Field London
Shahid iqbal Richmond
Joseph Laval
Stephanie Yuan New York City
Syed Shakib Karachi Ready to offer any assistance in advocating for an end to the continuous injustice inflicted upon the people of Gaza by the Zionist Israeli oppressors. This is not acceptable at all and world demand an immediate ceasefire to end this genocide ASAP.
Nicole Pirshafiey Los Angeles, CA
Bairagi Hyderabad
Ekhlas  Assaedi Cleveland
Najeeb Al-Shorbaji Amman, Jordan Genocides, atrocities and killing of children and women and the destruction of hospitals schools mosques churches libraries and civil structures should not go unpunished.
Fátima Vélez New York
Ayesha Bagus South Africa We must all stand up for injustice.
Jaafar Fakih Beirut, Beirut Province, Lebanon
Mohammed Al-jebzi
James Prothero Surrey
Imran Koradia
Rita Amabili Québec, Canada
Grayson Bass
Aymen Tunis
Nevena Hajdinjak Sofia A person should not be persecuted for standing on the side of humanity.
Saira Javed Luton
Tamam Abusalama Brussels
Manuel Morales
Moses Pandaram South Africa
Bobby sood Hamilton
Annick Thompson
Gulnaz Afzal Milton Keynes
Rashmi Luther Ottawa
Jamal Jubran Jacksonville
Fernanda Sánchez Mexico City SKR and any company should see the value of keeping employees such as Mr. Noor. Humans who have the ability of thinking critically and who use their voice to call for the immediate stop to the murdering and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
Aaron Whiteford London
Kara Williams Zenith Wabasha
Claude Darbellay Genève
Tien  Ho Toronto Gaza was a test of our commitment to basic human rights and values. Sadly, institution after institution failed the test. This is just one example amongst too many.
Zara A
Kath Forslund
Liam Dublin
Anna Colgan Chipping Norton
Marriah Mohammad.
joAnn Fowler Vancouver Cease Fire Now
Ray Martin Toronto, Canada
Salim Vohra London
Shamila Begum London
Elaine Robinson South Wales
Zohare Haider Dubai Give people back their voices and dignity
Marilia Jackson Burnaby
killian Forde Dublin
Alison Ryan Yellowknife
Kalina Montreal Thank you for your voice for humanity and peace!
Daniel Ferstl Ferreira Bastos Vitória
James Cunningham Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
Martina Lauer Ottawa Justice now!
Ron Mittan Albuquerque, NM
Bernadette Barton
Afnan Kaid Ottawa
Arthur Rubenstein Basel
Minelle Mahtani VANCOUVER
Aslam Bava Johannesburg
Giovanni Soletta Sassari
Catherine Caron Spokane
Stuart Chen-Hayes Bronx, NYC
Clare Prowse San Francisco, CA, USA This was an egregious violation of Mr. Noor’s freedom of speech. He should be reinstated immediately.
Sian Barrett London
Hannah Mesouani, Ph.D.
Anthony de Sigley London
Surinder London
Mina Doshi Sunderland UK You must respect free speech and freedom of expression.
Aysha Manchester
Sam Taylor
Justin Benavidez
Claudine Chaouiya Marseille
Shazia Fazili
Mekia Nedjar Oran- Algeria
Bassam Jaafar Mississauga
Nicola Pratt Coventry
Salwa Hammad Toronto
Zoë Fudge London
Tara Thomas
Prabu Gopalakrishnan Chicago
Humaira USA Apartheid and displacement has been well documented so what is the real issue here??
Fleur crowe Darwin
Tolulope Adams
Melanie Ferreira London
Carolina Canazaro Crowthorne, UK
Gina Sonder Boston Never Again is Now!
Maha shauyb Uk
Saduf Chaudhri Manchester uk
Alison Jinks Sheffield
Andrew Arkins Auckland
Stuart Moules Appleby, Cumbria, UK
Sarah Davies Wales, UK
Nusrat Jahan Bashir Mesa, AZ
Ara Bogor
Ayesha Adhami-Magueta Toronto With you all in strength and solidarity.
Ana Ivasiuc
Alvaro Herrero Valencia
Rebecca Sparks Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Genocide is wrong, Genocide for profit is GROSS!
Zoya Naqvi
Fadoua Aarab-Hamidan London
Cristian Perez de Guzman Madrid Spain None
Allene Robinson Clemmons NC USA
Sean Clinton Limerick
Tess Lundin
Majdi Amman Seek justice whatever it cost
Olivia Palmer
Abdul obaidan Doha
Ahlam Yassin
Özlem Touching all souls♥️
Sabrina Alam
Shabina Khalifa Warwickshire
Izzy Brittain Leeds, UK
Perveen  Hussain Nottingham
Carolyn Lechusza Aquallo Free Palestine Free Palestine and stop the genocide of Palestinians. The UNSC’s abject failure has damaged it beyond repair and we are at a moral crossroads. We need to elect new leaders that represent the will of the regular people, that can govern wisely, and care for the populations they are elected to serve. The U.S.’s silence and aid of a genocide has created a national security threat and a moral voice. We have lost the last shred of credibility we had with the current administration’s absolute denial of a genocide. Biden, Blinken, McGurk, Sullivan, Austin, someone could have stood up and fought for the lives of over 10,000 massacred children. Someone could have had the courage to stop for a moment and risk their career to do the right thing. But no one was around to do that. Too busy, too tired, too invested in personal ambitions, too cowardly, too stupid, too smart, too low of a pay-grade. The entire administration and US Congress and media failed in this one moment to uphold the altered values that have been paraded around since the first genocide of the indigenous community and the second genocide of the African American community. A country of death spawns other proxy states of death like isra*l. The Palestinians have shown the world who wears masks of cowardice, greed, lies, and ego. We all do and we are all complicit.We can make the choice to continue with shame or take a stand and support Palestinian freedom.
Sharon Mengersen London
Rose Devine Belfast
Ahmed Cairo It’s disheartening given the circumstances of his dismissal, and the outcome of your practiced policy. That pursuit of legal action is not currently viable.
Zaed Qureshi
Evgeneia Dolos Steamboat Springs
Imane Imane
Taha Gaya San Diego
Julie Garneau Montreal
Aziza Abioye Swindon It shouldn’t be controversial nor taboo to condemn genocide!
Paul Sheehan Cork, Ireland
Saida Hodzic Ithaca, NY
Diani Barreto Berlin, Germany
Hari Ziyad
Jennifer Jackson Ajax, ON, Canada
Baran Sindelfingen Thank you, we are with you.
Lucita Fernandez Liverpool
Alma Lavilla Palma
Isaac Truth is authority.
Amirah Brown Ann Arbor
Masab Khan Chicago, IL
Rosemary Smith Wellington
vasiliki laval
Bailey Toronto
Akbar Ali Manchester, UK Free Free Palestine and stop the genocide. Ceasefire Now. Israel is a terrorist state.
Tim Evans London
Jan Rata New Plymouth Ousman Noor’s appeal must be considered ethically and with transparency. Ceasefire now, is the minimum message we expect from SKR.
Shaafick Baartman Auckland
Shamim Bodhanya Durban
 Natasha Ouslis, PhD Toronto
Iftekar mumbai
Donovan Chicago
Alper Göndiken Prague
John doe Earth
Aleta Bent Toronto
Nida Khan
Ashfaq Bangalore
Usman Malik Orlando, FL
Saleem Ansari Doha Stop the genocide
Nathan Wood Prague
Victoria Ellen Gibson Copenhagen
Nihad Sladic
Maktub Kashmir Support to this letter is only a humble attempt to prevent my own moral degradation. Victory to Justice and Truth.
Aoife Ryan IRELAND Free Palestine
Rebecca Arvizu Agoura Hills, CA USA
Shameme Manjoo Johannesburg Palestinian is a humanitarian cause.
Kolade Shasi Lagos
Roya New Jersey Please stop atrocities and killing in Gaza
Nuzhat Samreen Virgins,  USA
Grzegorz Starzecki Cieszyn
Sarah Hasnain
Shaida Parveen Birmingham May justice prevail
Lamia Abdalkader
Andy Washington DC Humanity wins when good people stand up for the rights of others. All children are innocent. There can be no equivocation on this.
Jim Snodgrass Richmond
Hafsa Elmi London
Nicole Martin Dallas
Elvin Cetin
Björn Tingh Stockholm
Adam Kalhan Sydney Freedom of speech is essential for democracy
Syeda Toronto
Wael Nawara Peterborough SKR should be a place opposed to killing, right? So, supporting an occupied oppressed dispossessed people subjected to relentless bombardment should receive tolerance if not support and praise.
Jordan Ashley Zimmerman Bilbao
Ziya Erdemir Ankara
Estelle Asante
Gracie Mae Bradley Glasgow
Dimitri Lascaris Montreal
Ann-Marie Mendes Geneva
Alyaa Ebbiary Lancaster, UK Thank you for standing up for integrity and due process
Tamaam Madi-Nassar Genève


Organisation Location Comment Previously founder of Ethics In Technology a 501c3 Menlo Park, California I have requested a statement in regards to Gaza from the campaign Steering Committee and Members since the start of this genocide, only to be told that I should be “warned” and “expelled” from the campaign. I have been told by a member of the Steering Committee that I should not raise questions in regard to Ousman’s termination from the group mailing list. My previous organization Ethics In Technology a 501c3 received multiple grants from the campaign. For each grant we received we provided full transparency in how we used the funds. Regrettably, the campaign has no transparency in regard to its own funding sources, steering committee’s action, and advisors. The calls to condemn the genocide by Autonomous Weapon Systems and AI in Gaza and the occupied territories have fallen on deaf ears.
Seen on Screen Institute/ The Riz Test UK
Somali Human Rights Association (SOHRA) Mogadishu
The Justice Foundation London
GP Castle Meadows Surgery- NHS Dudley
Rural Support Programmes Network Islamabad
Racy Conversations San Francisco California
Logic(s) Magazine New York City
Pathway Consulting Los Angeles, CA
Harrington Consulting Napa, CA
International humanitarian law and youth Initiative Egypt
Affiniti Response Glasgow
Vredesactie/Action pour la Paix Brussels The cover letter explains it well enough, stop killer robots needs to stop surreptitiously endorsing genocide by firing someone who openly condemns the ongoing genocide in Gaza
Samata Hyderabad
Canadian cultural mosaic foundation Calgary
Johnnys Firmware Boston
Foundland Ltd London
HR England
Global Legal Action Network Galway
Beit insan Beirut Manama, Bahrain
Seqa ltd Bristol U.K. We stand with humanity for all
The Early Manager Albuquerque, NM
Third Revolution Detroit, MI
OsloMet Oslo Oakland, CA “We become what we ignore” – Ayori
Global Shapers Tanta Hub Tanta
GROE LTD Manchester Free Palestine
Subletinn Inc Chicago
SPADO Islamabad
Equalities and justice Northwest Lancashire Am signing on the behalf of EJNW and its 296 communtie orgainzations
OtherPowers San Francisco, CA #FreePalestine
Pramones Inzinerija Kaunas
Adala Media Wildegg People of honour make the world a better place. Solidarity!
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network Vancouver
Loyola University Chicago School of Law NLG chapter Chicago, IL
Horani Law, PLLC New York
National Lawyers Guild- International Committee New York
National Lawyers Guild-San Francisco Bay Area chapter San Francisco
Malcolm X Center for Self Determination Vienne
Planet News Business Greenville Hope justice shall prevail. For Ousman Noor and for Palestine Dubai
Queen Rania Foundation- Edraak Amman, jordan Free Palestine!
Enlightened Leadership Academy Lanckorona Poland Freedom of speech makes people free
IF education Paris
GT4BDS Toronto
SuccessDNA PTE Singapore Zaanstad “All for One” stand for freedom, equality and justice for ALL
Municipality of Quito City Research Center Quito
Aman Enterprise LLC Lexington Every person has the right to express their thoughts when human rights are violated. Speaking out against Israel or IDF is important when Palestinians are being killed in large numbers and 1.8 million population is being displaced.
Native Calgarian Calgary I’m Sahtu Dene. I’ve tried to raise awareness on the oppression here and in Palestine. Solidarity always. I hope folkx will begin to stand up here too.
The Ambition Collective Anaconda Blu Sydney We stand for peace
Foundation For Environmental Rights,Advocacy & Development (FENRAD) Nigeria, West Africa FENRAD Nigeria support the campaign of stop killers Robot in Nigeria and west Africa at large
Andrade & Associates Mediation and Peacebuilding. Jefferson Peace can only be achieved by holding accountable those who abuse others.


An additional 217 individuals joined the letter and elected not to be named. Their locations include:

Adelaide, Albany, Amman, Athens, Australia, Baltimore , Belgium, Antwerp, Berlin, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bonn, Boston, Brussels, Budapest, Cagliari, Calgary, Chelmsford, Cupertino, Detroit, Djibouti, Doha, Dubai, Firenze, Frankfurt, Gainesville, Gateshead, Geneva, Hamburg, Harvard Massachusetts, Houston, Johns Creek, Jordan, Kansas, Knoxville, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Lausanne, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Mississauga, Munich, New York, Norwich, Odense, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Poitiers, Portland, Riyadh, Rockaway, Rockville, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Jose, Sarajevo, Silver Spring, Singapore, Slagelse, Sweden, Sydney, Tampa, Torino, Toronto, Tunis, UAE, UK, Untersiggenthal, Vancouver, Warsaw, Washington DC, Windsor, Yemen.

Their comments are as follows:

I support this open letter
Freedom of expression is more important than ever.
Justice for Palestine
Ceasefire Now
Submissions were sent to the International Criminal Court documenting the current war crimes in Gaza. So, Be on the right side of history.
We don’t need humanitarian organizations that repeat the same official narrative we see in governments and mass media. We need ONGs that are really supporting imperialism under the excuse of Human Rights to disappear. The double standard we see when crimes or just violent actions, or just political movements, by a Western enemy compared to the narrative when is an ally or a Western country committing crimes… it’s so evident for the people with a brain, so make as a favour and stop selling this genocidal propaganda as humanitarian
Ceasefire now
Zionism is racism.
Shame on an organization for the public to fire someone over speaking up for the oppressed! Oh wait, maybe you are the oppressors?!!!
I am surprised, and ashamed, considering your overall stated aims, that you do not emphatically call for a ceasefire to the genocide being carried out by Israel in Palestine.
Where is your humanity. There’s a genocide taking place
Total biased organisation
#ceasefirenow  ;  it is simple and the right thing to do
We demand justice!
Free Palestine
Stop the genocide against Palestinians!
End the genocide
Free Palestine
Anti Hypocrisy, Equal rights every human in this earth.
This is absurd!
Thank you for standing up for justice
Free Palestine!!
Fully support Usman.
What a hypocritical organization, Israel should be the main objective of its campaign, the state that most violates human rights, the one that uses non-conventional and new weapons in what is called the Palestinian laboratory.
I have not been historically aware of the organization Stop Killer robots or Ousman Noor. But I follow Timnit Gebru and trust that she shares accurate information online. Therefore I’ve taken a few minutes to educate myself this morning on Ousman’s dismissal and am therefore signing in support.
Good luck!
Thank you for standing up for yourself, your rights and the Gazans. God bless.
Supporting Mr. Ousman Noor becauce he is a very honourable man
Free Palestine from Israeli oppression & genocide
Speaking against a genocide should not cost your job.
Punishment for calling out an obvious injustice is abhorrent and shouldn’t be allowed. Look back through the decades of Israeli behaviour in regard to the Palestinian people and you’ll find nothing but crimes against humanity. If in doubt contact Israeli historian Professor Ilan Pappé.
Reinstate Ousmam Noor. His temination was unjust. The mission of SKR is to stop the misuse of robotic killer machines, as being used in Gaza and West Bank. I would like to see a complete stop to all killer robots.
Unacceptable and unfair dismissal
Keep going justice will preveal
This is absurd when people are terminated from work for speaking up for voiceless people and exercising their freedom of speech right.
damn joe biden, damn genocide, free palestine.
Peace & equality for everyone now
Imagine the possibility of robots used in Gaza. It might likely have happened… were they available. I agree with your fight against robots. But please consider the innocent, of all races and creeds.
Really admire Ousman and coalition members for standing up for what is right.
“God commands justice and fair dealing…”
June 2023

Who do you care to call Uncle?

Let me start by answering that question.

I was blessed with two amazing real life uncles on my moms side and this past week the last one Dai Mojtaba passed away and joined his beloved wife Mahboobeh.

I wrote the book on The Age of Nepotism and I had to make sure he got a post on this site.

Dai Mojtaba was a family man who loved his wife immensely. He was a romantic at heart and put his heart on his sleeves and wore it with pride. He loved his kids, his sisters, brothers, nephew and nieces. He was full of love towards others. He never heart anyone and was too cool to admit if anyone hurt him.

My uncle was a sweet and at times naughty man that loved his German Beer Guardans. He was well read and educated and was politically insightful. He was in love with Iranian Arts and Culture. He believed that their is no reason to apologize for who we are or what we become as long as we can live with our thoughts and actions towards each other.

After his wife passed away he visited the Bay Area and we spent many good hours talking about politics while we shopped at local dispensaries for medicine.

My uncle, like myself, was well endowed and tall. We would both play the roulette wheel of the house with cigs and beers! His life might have been shortened by cigs but he really enjoyed them after a beer. He and I disregarded modern medicine because we both enjoyed it. Just imagine the time we save by not being healthy yoga buffs!

The amount of time you spend balanced, wedigitating, meditating is a lot. My uncle and I smoked and drank and we enjoyed it and I can tell you he never did a dog pose in his life on a yoga mat. I tried that a few times and now with all this metal in me getting down is tough let alone a dog pose.

My uncle, sweet, educated and a survivor. He was a real life hero. He brought his kids out of Iran while facing many of the issues that migrants face. Rest his soul.

When it came to politics and history my uncle was very informed. I always admired the amount of knowledge he had in Iranian and Western politics.
My uncle is survived by my two lovely cousins. I hope to see them soon. He died of a heart attack.

When you are an immigrant you realize you love people that identify with your roots, with your core, with your being. My Uncle is my core. My heart is with my cousins. I wish I was to be a leaning shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately I am not as they are in Germany and I am here in the US.

Misery loves company! Please join us in Munich on Friday or this Saturday at Sharon Park in Menlo Park at 5:30 PM.

Bring your wine and beer and a blanket and let’s remember our lost loved ones!

So tell me do you have a living or deceased uncle that you care to share about them?


No Ethics In Big Tech, NSA Comedy.

Saturday, May 20, 2023,

Starts on  6:00 PM , Pacific 

Are you ready to attend?

No Ethics In Big Tech, NSA Comedy.

National Security Agency, NSA, and No Ethics In Big Tech Comedy Night!

About This Event

Hey there, folks. Are you ready for a night of fun, education, and controversy? We’ve got just the event for you: the No Ethics in Big Tech and NSA Comedy Night!

Featuring some of the most insightful comedians around, Will Durst, Mean Dave, Chloe McGovern, and Alicia Dattner will be sure to get you laughing and thinking about the intersection of surveillance, technology, and society. Accompanied by talented musician Mike Rufo, this evening promises to be a great mix of entertainment and education.

The stars of the evening are the speakers from No Ethics in Big Tech, Austin Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as the Media Alliance, Veterans for Peace, Common Dreams, Google, and Electronic Frontier Foundation. These experts will discuss the ethical implications of technology, the latest developments in the tech world, and the importance of a free and independent press in the age of algorithmic news feeds.

But don’t worry, this event won’t be all serious talk. We’re bringing humor and irreverence to this important topic. So come join us for a night of laughs and deep thoughts.

Mark your calendars, folks. This event is going to be a night to remember. We’ll see you there!

NSA Comedy Full Video 230520


Will Durst

Acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country, Will Durst has patched together a comedy quilt of a career, weaving together columns, books, radio and television commentaries, acting, voice-overs, and most especially, stand up comedy, into a hilarious patchwork of outraged and outrageous common sense. His abiding motto is, "You can't make stuff up like this." The New York Times calls him "possibly the best political comic in the country." Fox News agrees "he's a great political satirist," while the Oregonian hails him as a "hilarious stand-up journalist.

Mean Dave

He is a regular at Cobb's Comedy Club, Punch Line in SF and Sacramento, and Rooster T. Feathers. He has opened for headliners such as Judy Tenuta, Big Jay Oakerson, Allan Havey, Tom Rhodes, Neil Hamburger, Brent Morin, Bret Ernst, and most importantly, Barry Sobel.

Chloe McGovern

has performed at major clubs throughout New York City and the country, including The Comedy Cellar Underground, The Stand, Gotham Comedy Club, Caroline's, The Hollywood Improv, and The Laugh Factory, among others.

Alicia Dattner

has performed worldwide with women areas like Ali Wong, Sheng Wang, Maria Bamford, and W Kamau Bell. Her shows have garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim for her edgy charm, cultural commentary, and emotional vulnerability.



Ian Mooney

is a graduate worker and researcher at the University of Kentucky exploring the relationship between Anarchy, Democracy, and Abolition. Additionally, they organize with the Veterans for Peace, The Democratic Socialists of America, the Kentucky Poor People's Campaign, and the University of Kentucky Red/Black Alliance

Rev Allen

Rev. Martin Todd Allen is an Associate Minister at the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. Previously, Rev. Allen worked as a prison, hospital and military Chaplain and currently works as a hospice chaplain in the South Bay. In addition, he serves on the board of directors of The Human Agenda.

Tracy Rosenberg

has worked as Media Alliance's Executive Director since 2007. She has organized and advocated for a free, accountable, and accessible media system, focusing on the protection and sustainability of alternative media outlets, monitored the mainstream media for accuracy and fair representation, and facilitated the training of numerous nonprofit organizations and citizen's groups in effective communications.

Brett Wilkins

is a San Francisco-based writer and activist whose work focuses on issues of war and peace, and human rights. He is a staff writer at Common Dreams and a member of the international socialist writers' group Collective 20.

Kevin Welch

is the president of EFF-Austin, a digital civil liberties organization founded alongside the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and continues to be a member of their Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA). At EFF-Austin, he leads their push to educate the public and politicians about important legal and cultural issues confronting society in emerging technological spaces. He has spoken at diverse venues on these topics including at SXSW and at State Department. He is a Caltech graduate with degrees in Bioengineering and English.

Matthew Guariglia

is a policy analyst working on issues of surveillance and policing at the local, state, and federal levels. He received a PhD in history at the University of Connecticut, where his research focused on the intersection of race, immigration, U.S. imperialism, and policing in New York City. He is the co-editor of The Essential Kerner Commission Report (Liveright, 2021), and his book Police in the Empire City is forthcoming from Duke University Press.


Vahid Razavi

Vahid Razavi Founded Ethics In Technology 10 years ago and is now the Founder of No Ethics In Big Tech, is the author of two books, The Age of Nepotism and Ethics in Tech and Lack Thereof. As a lifelong activist and humanitarian, he has produced hundreds of videos on various social issues, including Ethics In Technology, Silicon Valley, regional politics, poverty, war, and social injustice. This event is not financed, endorsed or supported in any way by any government, for-profit, or nonprofit corporation. It is 100% grassroots and supported by attendees.


Human Rights Day! Event by Ethics In Technology and Vahid Razavi

Ethics in Technology will discuss women’s rights in Iran, the war in Ukraine, digital rights and rights of disabled at this event.

Date and time
Sat, December 10, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST

Location: Online

Every year on December 10th, people across all nations, from all different backgrounds, religions, creeds, and orientations, come together to celebrate, commemorate, and remember the day the United Nations General Assembly implemented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Originally ratified on December 10th, 1948, the UDHR is the most translated document in the world. It is the first official landmark of its time documenting the inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being “regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another status.

We at believe that every human being is entitled to the inalienable rights described by our founding forefathers and that every human being has a voice – and a choice to stand up and speak up for what they believe in. We understand that our world does not receive redemption nor judgment for the acts of only a few people. It takes the heart, soul, and action of every individual to build and form a nation. It is only after we educate and boost the well-being of all countries that we will be able to come together to form a better world.

At, we believe that technology has the power to do amazing things. Technology gives us more power to do, act, and promote social justice and change. We believe that with this immense power of Big Tech comes immense responsibility – to use this new instrument ethically, humanely, and responsibly to improve the lives of ALL human beings versus just an elite few.

One of the most severe, widespread human rights violations that still exist today is digital censorship, digital rights, women’s rights, and the right of the disabled. Whether we are reviewing cases of imprisonment, violence, or social inequity in the workplace, multiple studies have shown us that our society still has a long way to go to support, raise awareness and promote digital rights, women’s rights, and human rights.

On December 10th, will host a special event to present the inhumanity faced by digital rights and civil liberty activists from around the world. We will host a panel of speakers, activists, and technology leaders to hear their journeys, perspectives, and wisdom on how to do better to promote equal digital rights with dignity and respect for all.



Bernie Sanders leads calls for regulators to block Amazon’s purchase of One Medical

July 21, 2022 by Brett Wilkins for Common Dreams

Privacy, antitrust, and other advocates on Thursday sounded the alarm over Amazon’s purchase of boutique healthcare company One Medical, a move that one group said “opens a terrifying new frontier in surveillance of Americans by private corporations.”

CNBC reports Amazon is acquiring One Medical, a San Francisco-based private health services provider with 188 locations whose 767,000 members pay around $200 in annual concierge fees, for about $3.9 billion, or $18 per share.

Neil Lindsay, Amazon’s senior vice president of health services, told The Washington Post—which is owned by Amazon multi-billionaire founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos—that “we think healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need reinvention.”

However, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted: “The function of a rational healthcare system is to provide quality care to all in a cost-effective way, not make billionaires like Jeff Bezos even richer. At a time of growing concentration of ownership, the Justice Department must deny Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical.”

Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Markets Institute (OMI), an anti-monopoly think tank, asserted in a statement that “U.S. enforcement agencies should block this deal.”

“They should also move swiftly to establish a basic set of rules to protect every corner of America’s health industry from the power of the manipulation platforms,” he added.

If the One Medical deal is completed, it would mark Amazon’s third-biggest acquisition after Whole Foods ($13.7 billion) and MGM Studios ($8.5 billion).

While One Medical CEO Amir Dan Rubin said the Amazon acquisition presents “an immense opportunity to make the healthcare experience more accessible, affordable, and even enjoyable,” critics warned of the dangers to public health in a nation that spends far more per capita on healthcare than other developed countries while experiencing overall inferior outcomes.

“This will be a blow to the fight for universal healthcare,” opined journalist Aaron T. Rose. “Imagine all the money Amazon will pour into lobbying to stop Medicare for All now that they have a dog in the fight.”

Others expressed concerns about the threats to privacy and competition. OMI’s Lynn wrote:

Amazon’s takeover of One Medical is the latest shot in a terrifying new stage in the business model of the world’s largest corporations. The deal will expand Amazon’s ability to collect the most intimate and personal of information about individuals, in order to track, target, manipulate, and exploit people in ever more intrusive ways.

Amazon is not the only dangerous actor here. Google’s recent takeover of the fitness tracker Fitbit poses similar threats. Every American should stand against this radical extension of corporate power into our lives. In addition to manipulating how we talk to one another and do business with one another, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are moving fast to manipulate our perceptions of our own health and well-being.

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Roe v. Wade and Republican-led states’ moves to criminalize people who have, perform, or “abet” abortions, reproductive rights advocates feared the implications of Amazon’s purchase.

“One Medical currently has healthcare locations in Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Arizona—all states we can expect will prosecute pregnant people for abortions or adverse pregnancy outcomes,” tweeted Robyn Swirling, founder and executive director of the progressive advocacy group Works in Progress. “So you can maybe see why Amazon having their medical data is, perhaps, not going to be safe!”

This isn’t Amazon’s first foray into the healthcare services sector. It bought online pharmacy PillPack in 2018 for $750 million, launched Amazon Pharmacy in 2020, and earlier this year expanded its Amazon Care telehealth program nationwide.

“Is there anything,” asked NPR correspondent David Gura in response to Amazon’s latest acquisition, “this corporation won’t know about your day-to-day life?”


‘Unconstitutional’ South Carolina bill would criminalize sharing abortion info online

July 22, 2022 by Brett Wilkins for Common Dreams

Critics on Friday took aim at a proposed South Carolina law that would criminalize the online sharing of information about obtaining abortions and, according to some journalists, could even be used to silence stories related to reproductive rights.

S.B. 1373—which one prominent defense attorney called “a breathtaking assault on free speech”—contains language associated with organized crime conspiracy laws by targeting people who engage in “a pattern of prohibited abortion activity.”

“This is tremendously concerning for us. It is a target for folks who tell the stories of patients who need to access care, explain how care is [accessed], and the stories of providers and advocates who are helping make sure that happens,” Jessica Mason Pieklo, senior vice president and executive editor at the reproductive rights site Rewire News GrouptoldPrism.

“If we think that conservatives will stop at speech that targets abortion providers, people who write about abortion, people who offer scientific and medical information around abortion, we’re mistaken,” Pieklo added. “We know that this will bleed into other areas that evangelical and social conservatives deem inappropriate and deviant.”

Just before the U.S. Supreme Court’s right-wing supermajority overturned Roe v. Wade last month, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation’s largest anti-choice group, published model legislation that, in addition to banning abortion, criminalizes “aiding or abetting” the medical procedure.

According to S.B. 1373—parts of which are nearly identical to NRLC model law—”aiding or abetting” includes:

  • Providing information to a pregnant woman, or someone seeking information on behalf of a pregnant woman, by telephone, internet, or any other mode of communication regarding self-administered abortions or the means to obtain an abortion, knowing that the information will be used, or is reasonably likely to be used, for an abortion;
  • Hosting or maintaining an internet website, providing access to an internet website, or providing an internet service purposefully directed to a pregnant woman who is a resident of this state that provides information on how to obtain an abortion;
  • Offering or providing abortion doula services, knowing that the services will be used, or are reasonably likely to be used for an abortion;
  • Providing a referral to an abortion provider, knowing that the referral will result, or is reasonably likely to result, in an abortion; and
  • Providing a referral to an abortion provider and receiving monetary remuneration, or other compensation, from an abortion provider for the referral.

S.B. 1373 also contains novel “whistleblower” protections, imposing prison terms of up to 10 years for people who “take any action to impede” those who report violations of the law to the state attorney general.

The National Law Review said the bill “also provides an extremely broad definition of what constitutes ‘actions impeding a whistleblower.’”

Michele Goodwin, director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine Law School, called S.B. 1373 “unconstitutional,” but warned such bills would nevertheless likely proliferate.

“These are not going to be one-offs,” Goodwin told The Washington Post. “These are going to be laws that spread like wildfire through states that have shown hostility to abortion.”

Digital rights campaigners highlighted the role—and responsibility—of Big Tech in light of bills like S.B. 1373, with New Jersey congressional candidate and attorney Stephanie Schmid asserting that “it’s time for tech companies to get off the sidelines.”

The Center for Democracy & Technology says that “crucially, companies should carefully scrutinize and seek to limit the scope of surveillance demands issued in prosecutions to enforce anti-abortion laws.”

“They should adopt clear and consistent standards for refusing overbroad requests, commit to giving their users timely notice of requests, and report publicly the numbers of surveillance demands they receive to increase public accountability,” the advocacy group added.

In a bid to counter legislation like S.B. 1373, congressional Democrats last month introduced a bill, the My Body, My Data Act, that would establish privacy protections for reproductive health data.

Earlier this month, a coalition of reproductive rights groups filed a lawsuit in state court challenging the legislation, which Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO Nancy Northup said is causing “mayhem at an unimaginable scale.”

As of last month, abortion is banned in South Carolina after six weeks of pregnancy, except in cases of rape or incest, or when the pregnant person’s life is in danger.

Global issues Iran Israel June 2009 News Non-Violence Palestine Racism refugee


Secretary-General calls again on Israel to ease Gaza blockade

Palestinian women walk near Israel’s barrier near Ramallah in the West Bank
19 June 2009 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon repeated his call on Israel to ease its blockade on Gaza during a meeting today in New York with Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.
Mr. Ban also called for a freeze on all settlement activity, including natural growth, and for Israel to allow the resumption of stalled United Nations projects in Gaza, according to information provided by his spokesperson.

On Wednesday, a group of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) called for an end to the blockade on Gaza, which has now been in force for two years and has left the population of 1.5 million almost totally dependent on international aid.

In addition to Gaza, the Secretary-General and Mr. Liberman discussed a number of regional issues including Lebanon. Mr. Ban briefed the Foreign Minister on his upcoming report on Security Council resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbollah.

On the Middle East Peace Process, the head of the UN reiterated the need for a political process based on the two-State solution and negotiations on all core issues, as envisaged in international law, Security Council resolutions, and existing agreements.

The two men also discussed Iran, with Mr. Ban reiterating his belief that the nuclear issues can and should be resolved through peaceful means, in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions.

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