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As you know, prior to election in Iran, I wrote in our blog that I did not believe that anything good will come as a result of the current election. Looking at the Guardian Council’s decision of selecting Ahmadinejad for president, I would have preferred a one candidate election. Why put all these old revolutionaries who have profited from the Islamic regime on the stand to run for president, when at the end of the day the average Iranian has no say in the election? Unfortunately, absolute power corrupts absolutely under any regime. This is evident in today’s Iran more than ever. As the election debates took shape the week before the election, the profiteering of Muslim ex-revolutionaries became obvious. In the debates Mr. Ahmadenijad accused the reformers of systematic theft and looting of nations wealth by reform candidates and its supporters. I was surprised that why a sitting president that had this information for 4 years while being in office did nothing about it until election night. Why Aytolah Khamenai would give these men the right to run for election if they or the immediate family had done some of these looting. For the average Iranian it has been obvious for years that Rafsanjani and Karubi had enriched themselves with public wealth. Still for many this was an awakening to see beyond the mask of religion and billions that these folks have taken from the Iranian nation’s wealth. It is clear that ideologies are served for the masses while mass looting of country’s wealth has taken place over the past 30 years under these old guards.
For folks that are not familiar with the Iranian factions, let’s be clear that all these old men do not represent anything new. The two main characters in this battle are not Mousavi and Ahmadenajad, but Rafsanjani and Khomeini who are old guards of the revolution. Since they are old, they are no longer fighting for power for themselves. They are guarding the nepotistic ideals so that the sons and daughters of these revolutionaries can benefit from continued control over the government and its resources and maintain the nepotistic lines of governance.

Iran’s hope for theological democracy under Islam was put to rest under the previous leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khatami, the president of Iran prior to Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately because of the divisions within the reform movement at the time the reform movement was put to rest at the voter level. After the first four-year term of president Khatami, the same revolutionary guards insured that the reform in Iran politics does not happen. How did this happen? They simply banned sitting member of the parliament from running in subsequent terms. They became disenfranchised. These parliamentary elected officials no longer met the needs of the Islamic Republic ruling dictators Rafsanjani and Khomeini. They got forced out of politics.
In his second term, president Khatami used his executive power to open news papers and magazines, and soon hundreds of news papers flourished in Iran. With the selection of Ahmadinejad as president, these magazines and voices again became disenfranchised and were quickly shut down. Many reformers got barred from journalism. As I have stated in my book, the supreme leader and the clergy system in Iran controls who is allowed to run based on a selection of old revolutionaries and mullahs out of Qom. This is effectively a one party system.
As I was watching the election, I thought what must have been shocking to the viewers from the West was the absence of a forum for a challenger to regroup and be able to mobilize its base. Mr. Mousavi and his supporters could only go to the streets to voice their opposition towards the election in illegal rallies. No political party in the parliament was visible to voice a challenge, or unite and plan for the next election. By the design the government has placed an executive judicial and parliamentary system that is full of yes men, and that follows the orders of the regime. No other voice can be heard in Iran, and even if it could, it would be dealt with brute force.
This video shows how the current leaders 20 years ago supported each other and to the opposition of senior clergy at the time sidelined Aytollah Montazeri. Grand Aytollah Montazeri in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war was always expected in the 80’s to replace Aytollah Khamanei. Montazeri spent 5 years in jail himself. He was sidelined because he did not believe in Islamic republic that did not represent democratic ideals of the masses. He also protested against the wave of execution that the Islamic republic committed against the voice of opposition views in Iran.

Now as the same Guardian Council and mullahs have reclaimed power at the expense of the current generation of youth in Iran, the question is- Where does Iran reform movement go from this point?
The options are clear. First, the nepotistic revolutionary leaders will not give up the wealth that their families have made. They will not surrender the thrown or loose respect for the crimes of looting that their daddies did in the country. They will continue to fight each other as the losing party may end up hung or expelled from the country. The last real leader Iran had after the death of Ayatollah Khomeini was Grand Ayatollah Montazeri. In the 80s when I attended the Friday prayers with my parents and I remember the laud orchestrated chants that Ayatollah Montazeri was the hope of Iran. He had lost three kids as martyrs to establishing the regime and was the Ayatollah Khomeini’s exiled partner. He was quickly sidelined by Rafsanjani and Khamenei at the time, and after the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, he was no longer a figure in the Iranian government and was put under house arrest and silenced. Even though he was a great revolutionary responsible for carrying the torch since he believed in open government with each Iranian having a voice, he was sidelined for the strict conservatives to rule.
This was fine for the neoconservatives in the White House at the time since they wanted a fundamental religious government in Iran. Remember that it was during the Reagan years that the Iran-Contra scandal broke out and the CIA funded sales of guns to Iran by importing cocaine into the U.S. The Reagan’s neoconservatives even negotiated with the Islamic regime to keep the hostages for 444 days so that it would kill President Carter’s chance of reelection and they got conveniently released when Reagan took office.
The fact is that the neoconservatives and the religious conservative government in Iran are not after ideologies. They use ideologies for the masses only to mold the public opinion. As the end goal is power, no amount of power is sufficient for these folks. They are happy to change ideologies and viewpoints in order to reach the end goal. For the conservatives in the white house at the time the end goal is dominance over nation wealth.
Before the election the neoconservatives hoped that Iran would select Ahmadenijad. Why? Because it would create the next war for them to be engaged in and control a population rich in culture and resources to create more military bases and to have the next war to fund the military industrial complex that relies on its base of support. The neoconservatives like senator McCain do not have the interests of the people of Iran in mind. They are encouraging actions that would help Ahmadenijad. They are OK with the concept of Iranians killing Iranians indefinitely, just like they have been OK with funding both sides of the Iran-Iraq war. Additionally, it gives a reason to the hawks in Israel to buy more guns with the U.S. tax payer’s dollars and use them in Iran. That will draw the U.S. into a fight with Iran and send my fellow Iranians back to the dark ages, very similar to what happened in Iraq. Remember that in Iraq, after the first war, the same neoconservatives told the Shiite majority that they would support the uprising and at the end they sat by the sidelines while Iraq military crushed the Shiite majority in the south in the most brutal way possible. Besides the next war and a permanent military base in Iran they have no other agenda. With that base established, they can run heroin out of the golden triangle all the way to Afghanistan, Iran and Kurdistan to fund the next dictator for another war. Therefore the cycle of violence between nations continues and they all profit from it.
Iranian government has used this to its full advantage to clamp down on its own people. You see for the Iranian revolutionaries it is better if the Israel does attack the nuclear development infrastructure. The conservative government can again consolidate power by reminding of the great evils outside of Iran’s borders. By having Israil attack they can continue to use the military to suppress all opposition.
Civil disobedience is the path to Iran’s future:

In Iran the concept of civil disobedience to this regime must take hold. You cannot bring a change in government with setting buildings on fire or throwing rocks. At the end, this level of violence only hurts the Iranians. In this regard I refer to the Iranians in the Basij, the revolutionary guard and the student protesters who are all mostly under 30 years of age. These young men and women represent the next generation of great Iranian minds that will be lost in such protests. The sons of the elite that rule with an ironed fist will not be impacted as they have taken the wealth of the nation to offshore bank accounts. We will only lose the poor, the middle class and other valuable Iranians to street protest.
The leaders who can possibly lead the country out of this mess such as Khatami or Mousavi are sidelined and it erodes the base of support for them if this violence continues. Continuation of violence is not what these leaders are asking for. What course of action should the average Iranian take?
The one course is the logical path for the resistance to any oppressor and that is nonviolent civil disobedience and resistance. For this we should only look at how the French are able to shut down the government by taking on peaceful strikes. Recently the union of Iranian bus drivers went on strike. This form of disobedience is the best form of resistance against tyranny. If doctors, city employees, nurses, lawyers called national strikes it would bring the ruling regime to its knees. National strikes combined with the shouts of Allah Akbar on rooftops will force this government to change without the need for another stone being thrown or innocent protester being shot in a violent act. This form of unrest is the course for all Iranians.
The demand for these protests needs to be clear: to establish political parties in Iran, open access to media, and stop filtering of election candidates by the religious theocracy. Non of this can happen without having fair elections held in the country. If the Iranian Majles (parliament) members that are still have some alegince to the reform movement need to make the above issues and the fair elections its daily priority. See the latest video from the Iranian parliament.
In regards to the U.S. politics towards the region, I hope that President Obama continues with the current stand offish approach, as any sign of threat by the West will only be used to again consolidate power by the Islamic regime, commit mass genocide by purging the anti revolutionaries, and create the next wave of exile of war refugees in Iran. Of course this is the course that Israel would love to see since they would then be able to receive the green light to attack Iran. See the next video:

As I watched the Shell and Chevron clean energy commercials in between broadcasts of CNN and Fox on Iran, I wondered how the media will portray things in Iran over the next few months. I have been going through the latest videos on YouTube each night looking for new materials that I could post on our site. To my amazement hundreds of new videos appear each night on YouTube. When I look at these gruesome images, my heart melts and I am deeply saddened to see them. The fact is that many new posts are not new but recycled from previous days and cut over with music and revolutionary slogans in order to increase the passion of the youth of Iran to continue the street fights and protests. The LA Iranians that left as part of the old regime all want to portray the current government as more violent than the Shah so they can put Mr. Pahlavi to rule once again and repaint him as a less violent king than the religious conservatives.
The U.S. news coverage has been amazing in regards to this election with no coverage of Haiti or the Moroccan election that took place. They keep recirculation of Iran videos as new footage. Is this because the oil companies are now buying more advertisements on these media outlets since they would be the first to benefit from the next war? Are the advertisement sales department and the editor’s desk in cahoots to serve content that they can get large corporate sponsors for? I am sure that is the case. This is similar to the case of the war generals and analysts working for the media who remained on the U.S. government payroll. The media did not only look the other way but acted to pass the war propaganda to the masses on behalf of the government. Are they now getting extra advertisement dollars from the oil companies when they keep running the same footage of carnage again and again on TV? Or is it because of the heavy hand of the AIPAC Zionists and the religious conservatives with the help of the U.S. tax payers’ money that is funding these continues reruns of the violence in Iran. So I would expect that over the next few months as the public opinion is shaped by these broadcasters on how evil Iran is they hope to force President Obama to change course and give Israel permission to attack Iran.

In the above scenario, the Ahmadinejads are victorious since they can once again claim power and say- I told you so, this reform movement is from the expatriates and Israel so let’s all rally around the flag, country and god and defend the nation. Finally, millions of Iranian lives will be lost defending the country but to the benefit of the neoconservatives and the nepotistic kings and princes of the region.
While Iranians die to drum beats of another war, the military industrial complex benefits from selling guns, and the oil companies from looting the Iranian wealth. The sons of these current leaders will than take residence in friendly countries with the wealth that they looted from Iran.

December 2010 Iran Music Video


As secretary-general of the United Nations, I would sincerely hope that the Iranian government will again very favorably consider releasing the remaining two American hikers so that they could join their families as soon as possible.”
~Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

“We urgently appeal to the Islamic Republic of Iran to release Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal without further delay and show the same compassion to them that the Iranian authorities graciously extended to their companion Sarah Shourd.”
~Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire, Noam Chomsky

“I want to be perfectly clear: Sarah, Shane and Josh have never worked for the United States government. They are simply open-minded and adventurous young people who represent the best of America, and of the human spirit. They are teachers, artists, and advocates for social and environmental justice.”
~President Barack Hussein Obama


Iranian forces detained Shane Bauer, his fiancée Sarah Shourd and their close friend Josh Fattal on July 31, 2009 while they were enjoying a recreational hike in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. There are conflicting news reports about whether Iranian forces entered Iraq to arrest the three young Americans or they strayed across the poorly marked border by mistake.

Sarah, 32, was released on September 14, 2010, on humanitarian grounds after spending 410 days in solitary confinement and immediately vowed to work for the freedom of Shane and Josh, both 28. All three were charged shortly before Sarah’s release with illegal entry and espionage at a hearing in Evin Prison in Tehran where they were finally allowed to meet their lawyer for only the first time.

Shane, Sarah and Josh are innocent of any crime and, as Amnesty International reports, their extended pre-trial detention is a violation of Iranian and international law. Their detention is arbitrary and inhumane and we call on the Iranian authorities to show Shane and Josh the same compassion they have shown Sarah and release them without further delay.

Shane and Josh have been allowed to telephone their families only once, on March 9, and have not been allowed to send letters. The mothers of Shane, Sarah and Josh traveled to Iran in May 2010 to visit them but were allowed to stay for only two days.

Shane, Sarah, and Josh are all graduates of the University of California at Berkeley. They care greatly about our world and have a documented record as advocates for social and environmental justice. They admire and respect different cultures and religions and share a love of travel that has taken them to many countries. That is why they went to Iraqi Kurdistan, not because they wanted to enter Iran.

Censorship Iran January 2011


National Public Radio reports that Iran is planning on dispatching “cyber police” across the country with General Ahmadi Moghaddam stating that “There is no time to wait” in deploying the Islamic Republic’s latest line of defense against its real and perceived enemies. This isn’t the first timeMoghaddam has claimed to be setting up cyber police either. With the Basiji looking to occupy cyberspace as well, Iran’s Internet is starting to look very crowded.

When we hear about cyber police we may imagine “hackers” attacking opposition websites and monitoring Green Movement activists online. Popular discourse on the idea of cyber police inevitably focuses on the “cyber” aspect. What they miss is that these police are human beings and they’re trying to find and arrest other human beings. What starts out as cyber always ends up human.

While Moghaddam’s words may or may not portend the actual creation of an Iranian cyber police, it doesn’t mean they are without weight. The psychology of Internet censorship and Internet surveillance is an area that has received little research and deserves more attention. What the Internet feels like can affect what we think the Internet really is. We may then project that view of the Internet onto the rest of the world, influencing ideas about “Internet Freedom” and guiding foreign policy. Would we even have a concept of “Internet Freedom” if the only Internet we knew was a closed one? For an average user of Iran’s closed Internet, hearing propaganda about beingarrested for using Facebookemail being hackedmillions of blocked websites, Facebook being a nest of spies, and now thousands of cyber police fanning out across the country can make an already scary Internet even more intimidating. Strong encryption and anonymity tools can help a user knowthat they are safer, but how the user may actually feel is entirely different.

Popular discussion has tended to binarize the Iranian Internet user, transforming them from complex human being into:

  • Freedom-lover prepared to take any risk in the name of Western liberal democracy (Internet harms dictatorship), or
  • Oppressed and fearful citizen subject to constant arrest or harassment (Internet aids dictatorship)

with very little attention paid to the reality of the individual and the context under which they access the Internet.  When context is discussed it tends to be either neglected or overstated and each of those positions is further projected onto vast geographic areas, such as cyber police as fanning out all across Iran.  The spatiality of context for an Internet user within a repressive regime has thus received little genuine attention from those who study Internet censorship because it tends to add a significant layer of complexity.  While censorship may be centralized, perceptions and their influence on actual Internet behavior is not.  An Internet user in Tehran may very well be more cautious than one in a remote area where the regime’s power is perceived to be weaker.

The size of Iran makes it unlikely that power is evenly distributed.

While the recent statements by the regime may be actual announcements of upcoming plans, in the immediate sense they are being used to create a climate of fear and doubt surrounding the Internet. The regime may not be able to intimidate die-hard Green Movement activists, but it might influence millions of other Iranians in a variety of ways with those psychological influences also mediated by geography. Ultimately the regime’s rhetoric, combined with effective propaganda, can contribute to self-censorship and self-regulation, like the panopticon. While I applaud the Berkman Center’s recent DDoS report, I wonder what would happen if opposition websites were well protected from DDoS but received little traffic because the dictators gave up and diverted resources into more psychological and physical intimidation. As Ethan Zuckerman has noted, a “denial of service” need not only be technical, it can also be bureaucratic. The regime’s recent comments and actions demonstrate the possibility that a denial of service can be psychological as well.

Censorship February 2011 Iran Non-Violence


The Iranian pro-regime and opposition forces have each been battling to claim Saleh Jaleh as their martyr. He was killed by gunfire on February 14 when the opposition demonstrated in Tehran and several other cities.

Sane Jaleh, 26, was a student of dramatic literature at Tehran Arts University. A Sunni Muslim, Sane was from Paveh in the Kurdistan Province.

While Iranian pro-government websites claim he was a Basij militia member, killed by the opposition, opposition sites say he was a protester. Both sides accuse each other of trying to steal Saleh’s identity.

Pro-regime sites published his photo and his Basij membershipcard, while opposition sites published a photo of him with the late high ranking cleric, Ayathollah Montazeri, a leading anti-government figure.

Reza Sajadi, the secretary of Tehran Arts University’s Islamic Association, and a close friend of Sane Jaleh, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that despite threats made against him, he strongly denies his friend’s membership in the Basij organization.

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Iranian, American and Serbian families enjoyed the benefits of favoritism towards ones own family and friends in times of need. Nepotism continues to be the social glue that has helped us survive through the tough times. In the last depression in the 1930’s, it was not the goverment intervention that made the individual survive through economical crisis, but support from ones social community.
During the Iran-Iraq war, the family unit was where folks seeked shelter from the economic punishment sanctions of the West. In my family for example, it was important for my aunts and uncles to provide support, so that you can survive the government’s measly coupons at rations. The extra ration of sugar and rice that we received because two of my brothers had been abroad was helpful, and we could share with the less fortunate family next door.

Relationship built with your neighbor and family provides a sense of economic and mental security that no government can provide, while trying to defend the country from Iraq and its allies, the western governments. It was during these hard times that family, friends and neighbors are forced to share the very little that they have for mutual survival.

I always remember my cousin being sent down by my aunt, asking for things like butter or rice, and since he was five years younger then me, my brother and I would give him onions as a practical joke and tease him with his request for other items. Now that he is in his late 20’s he hates onions. You’re welcome cousin!

“Relationship built with your neighbor and family provides a sense of economic and mental security that no government can provide”

Other times when we could not purchase American cigarettes at the stores, it was through the neighbor or the cousin that we would find out who is selling cheap foreign cigarettes. We would get our information as to what the local grocers are offering. When the local grocer was out of butter, it was our neighbor that offered a helping hand so we could meet our sustenance. You would know by your neighbor’s son as to the location of the store, the length of time that it would take to wait in line, and the quantity that you would receive based on rations. You would then go to the store knowing that you can spend all day in line waiting to get that ration of rice or meat. In order to save time, we would look for a familiar face of a neighbor or friend that we would make chit chat with, and then be able to cut in line to avoid the long lines while being cursed by folks at the end of the line.

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Dating in Serbia is a bit of a challenge for a single guy. It is very similar to Iran in that sense that it has its own crazy methodology. War and religion has a tendency to group females as whores, or virtues born again virgins. Since no one can leave either country and get visas for abroad, then the only story in town becomes a tale for house wives as to who is sleeping with whom. In a closed society with out jobs, the gossip wheel is always turning! I have dated Iranian girls outside of the country, but never in my long visits to Iran was I able to figure out how the dating scene works because I was afraid of the morality police. I was chased out of an internet café because I was chatting with a girl.

Some idiot in uniform asked me about my relationship with her. I said I do not have one yet, and clearly it would be impossible since he was so rude to interrupt. The general sense that I got by talking to people about how the system of dating works is as follows: First, have accommodations. Second, have a car.

“Dating in Serbia is a bit of a challenge for a single guy”

Drive around the city around 6 to 10 PM at night by the parks etc. Have a few quick one liners to tell to the girls. Then exchange phone numbers and have a rendezvous at your apartment or house. Then the scarf comes off and you can drink wine, and unfortunately, in the case of many Iranian youth, take part in the black plague of Middle East, the opium or heroin that is imported fresh from Afghanistan, or smoke crack and similar garbage. This kind of behavior has created a generation of youth that are now addicted to the worst poison on earth that is available to the masses in much larger number then before the US engagement in Afghanistan.

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Serbs, Americans and Iranians do not respect the World Court for various reasons. The Americans think that justice is only good if it is by their laws, and all other civilizations’ legal systems are corrupt and a failure. The Serbs and the Iranians do not respect the court since it cannot enforce justice on all; let it be the injustice in Tibet, or the abuse of war prisoners in Guantanamo.

The Hague and the World Court are setup to deal with the underlings that no longer serve the needs of their masters in the west or the east. Yet, these master criminals like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney will never be subjected to the same justice that the folks that they empowered have faced. The World Court needs to be more than a judicial system that punishes genocide.

It must be strengthened and used to keep leaders accountable to the course of actions that they take in history, to ensure that it takes into account the will of the masses that they represent. It is not that the UN needs to change. It needs to be abolished and replaced by human values that it has lost. The UN needs to resemble the democratic values that the Great Persian King Cyrus established as its pillars.

Any future organization that replaces the UN needs to take into account the same democratic value that represents the bases of United States Congress. With a parliamentary system that effectively represents masses of population, the United States House of Representatives, and a senate, in which each country has a say regardless of its size. It charter needs to treat men of all nations equally in rights and in pursue of justice. Without such an organization, the only thing that is certain is more grid lock, more political regaling between the five permanent members, and the continued proliferation of conventional and non-conventional arms to rogue and undemocratic nations that each support in its sphere of influence. Such an organization needs a doctrine of human rights and equality that can be found in constitutions of most countries of the world, and unfortunately is practiced in only few nations.

We have created a global, trillion dollar arms race, that is in need of major conflict every decade

What we can agree on with my fellow Serbs and Americans in places like San Francisco, is that we have created a global, trillion dollar arms race, that is in need of major conflict every decade. This work power needs to be used for the better means of mankind. It must be subsidized, trained, and retooled on a global level to provide positive
impact to our global society. This global political gridlock and arms race needs the leadership of the global powers to lead the way in creating true democratic world organizations that respect human rights and the rule of international law for all world citizens, and not a class system based on what the Western European powers have created up to this point.

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For some time I have been thinking of how to represent the small business owners for getting them the same opportunities as large corporate stores. What makes a small business stand out? How can they advertise and be seen when they have so many options and media to choose from? Thirty years ago you had a home town paper and the yellow pages. Hell, in the small town everyone knew each other and did not need yellow pages. As the population has grown, so have the various advertising media outlets, TVs, Cable TVs, Stateline, Internet, Search Engine Keywords, Flashy sites, and of course, the old yellow pages and the home town paper have lost the advantage. At the same time, none of these new outlets allow enough traffic on their own, to justify a small family – run business to pay and manage the cost associated with promoting themselves. Additional problem for such businesses is that if you buy enough search engine keywords, how do you know that they resulted in a transaction in your store? Or the smart yellow pages? How much business did you generate? Did the client come back? If so, when and how often? As a business owner, how do you reach back to him to thank him for his repeated visits or inform him of upcoming promotions? Direct mail is too expensive and no longer an option, since fewer trees have contributed to rise in price of mailers. Calling them is no longer allowed as a result of Do Not Call List in the US that has registered over a hundred million phone numbers. The Do Not Call List prevents solicitation via phone for businesses to consumers. As the world of Wall Marts and discount stores has increased, so has the small business owners suffered.

Now you see the problem I am trying to solve in Belgrade, the capital of non aligned nations, all ex-communist and now gone nationalist.

First, let’s define small business. We are talking about businesses that are less than ten million dollar in value. Majority of them are less than two million dollars in value. They usually have a long term lease or associated property, franchise rights, or are independently owned. They have less than twenty employees. These businesses are your favorite stores and clothing outlets that have managed to stay independent and survive. It may be a local restaurant or a pub. Some could be fortunate enough to at least be associated with a franchise. So, how can such a small business be heard above all the advertisement of the large corporate stores? How can this business be able to thank its local customers that have supported it to stay in business? How can small business be heard through various channels that are available to them? Now you see the problem I am trying to solve in Belgrade, the capital of non aligned nations, all ex-communist and now gone nationalist.
You see, I have been around a block in all sorts of extremism. For example, I was born under the Shaw Pahlavi, a dictator. Then, a transition to an Islamic Republic, a theocracy, and then I moved to the free markets and democracy for the teenage years. As soon as I took the oath of citizenship after being an illegal alien, I took full advantage of the rights given to me. (No, I did not buy a gun in America; you do not need to be a citizen to buy one.) I traveled as much as I could back to Iran, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Brazil (illegally I have to admit), Argentina etc.Do you get the picture? So, I figured Belgrade should be scary enough place. It is the only place hated by the West for being the shit starter in World war I, World War II and the brake up of Yugoslavia, and now of course, the conflict in Kosovo. So, it is the place that westerners should avoid. Muslims too, since they hate us as well.

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As the outrage over the release of Libyan bomber of Pan Am flight 103 has been covered extensively by media outlets in the US, I could not help to think about another tragic civilian airplane that went down in the late 80’s. Air Flight 655 was shot down over the strait of Hormoz in 1987 by the orders of Captain William C. Rogers III.
Good old Captain Will, at the time was on a mission of protecting the interest of Sadam Hussein and the brutal Iraqi dictator to help in the fight against Iran. The mission of mercy for Sadam’s brutal regime took place under the orders of President Reagan and Bush senior. When Captain Will returned back to the US after downing the Iranian airliner, he and his crew tried to deceive the public around the course of events that brought down flight 655. Captain Will and the crew of Vincennes C-49 caused the deliberate death of 290 innocent civilians and tried to cover it up to its best of ability.

As the world is outraged over the release Lockerbie bomber do to humanitarian reasons, I wonder how they can be so silent on the celebration of death of 290 civilians aboard an Iranian airliner. The USS Vincennes and its proud crew celebrated its terrorist acts in San Diego California with a 3 day reunion. Three day party at the San Diego Bayside Holiday Inn with multiple cocktail hours, and a pool side luau. I have attached the fun agenda to this post. Please also note the memorabilia display on both days.
I just wished we as Americans showed the same outrage for crimes against humanity when committed by our own men in uniform. If this attitude continues in 20 years the proud prison guards of Abu Ghraib will be holding a reunion to celebrate the injustice and crimes against humanity that they have committed and the US media will kindly look the other way.
The memorabilia of these brave men and women of Abui Ghraib and USS Vincent are forever engrained in hearts and minds of the awakened. What amazes me is that these men and women do not even acknowledge the death of 290 civilians on its web site. Not one word about the actions that caused the downing of Iranian civilian airliner. Not one apology for the deception and lies told after the fact. Nothing except for the brave medals that they have received from the US government in performing the duty assigned to them.

Scott Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, received the Navy Commendation Medal, often given for acts of heroism or meritorious service.In 1990, Rogers was awarded the Legion of Merit “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as commanding officer … from April 1987 to May 1989.”

The C49 Party

The C49 Party

2009 Reunion | San Diego, California
August 27th through August 30th
The first annual USS Vincennes (CG-49) reunion has been scheduled to be held in San Diego, CA (the first homeport of VINCENNES) at the Holdiay Inn Bayside hotel.
We are still planning the events of each day and will provide the details as we progress through the coming weeks. Review the FAQ or contact us with any questions you might have.
Schedule of Events:
August 27th – We have set aside a block of 30 rooms for arrival on Thursday, other blocked rooms will be available for Friday arrivals. We will adjust these numbers as necessary, but early reservations are encouraged to assist us in tracking attendee numbers and ensuring we are not charged for unused block rooms
• Early check-in / Last-minute Registration
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering after noon – cocktails and drinks will be available.
August 28th
• Early check-in / Last-minute Registration
• Reception / Welcome
• cocktails and drinks will be available.
• Memorbabilia Display
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering – cocktails and drinks will be available.
August 29th
• Optional group Tour of the USS Midway Museum
• Free time
• Hospitality Room will be available for gathering – cocktails and drinks will be available.
• Memorabilia Display
• Luau Banquet/ Meal Poolside
August 30th
• Farewell breakfast
• Business Meeting – Should we formalize an association? Future reunion discussions
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The Iranian government members favorite phrase is that they will take the course of action for the best interest of the regime,”Maslahat Regime “. They never once mention what is in the best interest of the people. What they are really concerned about is staying in power. The revolutionary guard of 120 thousand and the selected mullahs control an enormous wealth of Iran’s natural resources. Unlike North Korea, Iran is a rich country with the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Not to mention oil and its strategic position as a gateway to energy for the rest of the world.

The conservative government in Iran is losing its grip on power and the old revolutionary rhetoric is no longer justifying the systematic pillaging of the nation’s wealth at the hands of the few. For the Iranian government to sustain the message of anti-west and anti-democratic ideals, it needs to maintain the image of the revolution. Nothing can maintain such an image as well as confrontation with the west over its nuclear ambitions.

Appointing a defense minister who caused an uproar with the western powers is simply a step to get a military reaction from the west. Frankly, the leaders in Iran are not concerned with nuclear technology for producing energy, but to create a reaction. Any action by Israel could rally the Iranian public around the flag and regime once more. This could guarantee that they will continue to be the rulers of Iran for many years to come.

In the case of Israel, as a theocracy and an undemocratic society, a free and democratic Iran would pose a serious challenge to the principles of Zionism. How could the Muslims have a democratic society and the western backed Israel continues to oppress the millions of Arabs and Palestinians based on ethnic nepotism? It would simply be a shock to the state of Israel if Iranians enjoyed a truly democratic society. God forbid the Zionist movement would lose its muscle and grip of power by no longer having Palestinians as its enemy and needing to find a way to provide them with equal rights and protection.

This of course would also be against the interest of the religious right in the United States that have banked on an end of the world scenario for the past 100 years by supporting the state of Israel and shipping Jews from all corners of the world looking for a piece of bread and a better life to the occupied territories.

The conservative governments in Iran and Israel will both benefit from the next conflict in the region. They can both continue with the oppressive techniques that they use to stay in power. Conservative governments and ideologies are similar in action and oppression of freedom and democratic rights. They even reward each other at every opportunity that presents itself.

In case of Iranian government, the U.S. hostages that had been held for 444 days are set free on the day that Reagan and Bush got into office. It was the same conservative government during the Reagan years lead by Bush senior that helped Iran acquire weapons and bring drugs to the U.S. under the sanctions of Iran-Contra and Oliver North.

The Obama administration is dealing with multiple enemies at once. The conservatives and the evangelicals in this country who keep fueling settlements in the occupied territories, the conservative government in Israel that continues to benefit from land grabbing from the Palestinians in the occupied territory; and finally the mullahs and the revolutionary guard of Iran who want to continue to stay in power at any cost to the detriment of the population.

The question is how can this administration put pressure on these conservative governments and elements? What can be done stop the rise of tension and military conflict in the region?

First, stop the flow of money by the religious right for new settlement activity to Israel. If Hamas is a terrorist organization so are the folks that continue to build homes in the occupied territories. How could we allow the religious right in the United States to fund taking land from the Palestinians and not call it a terrorist act?

Second, stop funding Israel conservative military government. The EU and the U.S. stopped all aid to Hamas even though it was a democratically elected government simply because they did not condone the policy of Hamas. So why can’t this government stop funding Israel until all settlements have been turned over to Palestinians in the occupied territory and international borders and UN resolutions are respected by all parties?

Once the life style and the money is no longer provided by American tax payers they will reconsider their actions and be willing to negotiate.

Finally, Obama administration should ask for sanctions at the UN and freeze all accounts of the Iranian revolutionary guards, mullahs and restrict them and their family members from traveling abroad.

All these conservative Muslims, Jews and Christians use religion for personal enrichment. Ideologies are saved for the masses and the wealth is kept in the hands of the few men of cloth. If we cut the wings and the source of funding, they will all be forced to walk to the negotiations table.

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