Books General General Information March 2009


How can a simple traveler contribute to positive change in the world that we live in?


Can we all expand our consciousness and stop the prejudice towards people that we consider different?
What should be the new face of entrepreneurship concerning small businesses?

Author, Vahid Razavi, answers these questions and many more in The Age of Nepotism.

The Age of Nepotism is a story in which the author presents his experiences, both work related and personal, he is showing us a glimpse into a better future through a subtle change in the way we look at travel, economy, war, conflicts, censorshipdating etc.

This book is a profound statement about similarities that connect what at first seems impossible to even consider as similar. It explores consequences of narrow-mindedness, ignorance and closing eyes in the face of conflicts. The Age of Nepotism is a positive prescription for improving our relations with fellow men, wherever we find our selves visiting! This is an exciting reading that gives you a personal story and additional information and content especially added to give a sense of reading magazine or encyclopedia, with artistic graphic work that would satisfy even the most demanding eye. With all this put together, The Age of Nepotism presents a brand new format of media.

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