October 2012 Racism


Occupy Forum in the Park with Connie Field Monday, Oct. 15th 6-9pm at Bradley Manning Plaza

Occupy Forum in the Park continues Monday October 15th at Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza – Occupy’s 2011 protest camp – across from the Ferry Building.  We assert our right to have political discourse in the commons and seek the fullest possible citizen participation in the ongoing creation of a better world. Information, Education, discussion, snacks & community! Monday Night Forum in the Park!!R&B Gospel with Earl and Roy at 5:30

Topic: Strategies & Tactics of the Anti-Apartheid Movement: Bringing Down an Immoral System

No one thought it could be done. The Apartheid system in South Africa was so entrenched, the power imbalance so stark, it appeared impossible to create a wedge to dismantle the system. Yet the enormity of the injustice sent out a signal to people across the globe who began the process of bringing Apartheid down. How did they do it? Connie Field, documentary filmmaker and historian who spent 15 years creating the 10-part series “Have You Heard from Johannesburg?” will deconstruct the spectrum of strategies and tactics applied, and how they succeeded in making a change most believed could never happen. What worked? What failed? How can the Occupy Movement learn and adapt methods to make radical change in our society? Join us at Forum in the Park to find out!

We oppose governments that don’t represent the People!!! Another world is possible!!!

All are invited to join in the discussion!

The last half hour will be reserved for Occupy Working Groups and Affinity Group Announcements. Location: Bradley Manning Plaza (formerly Justin Herman Plaza), conveniently located near the Embarcadero BART Station and the Ferry Building. We will have seating, blankets to keep you warm, amplified sound, and peacekeepers to keep it alcohol, interruption, & smoke-free.

Non-Violence October 2012


The Positive Peace Warriors Network (PPWN) was created to continue to work to fulfill a promise, & to continue the legacy of Kingian training. Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr., who was the director of the Poor People’s Campaign and a friend of the King family, made a promise to Coretta Scott King: to institutionalize and to protect the integrity of her husband’s philosophy.  PPWN will introduce us to Kingian philosophy &  strategy on movement-building within and without for long-term sustainable change. Join Kazu Haga, founding board member of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ) & Jonathan Lewis, trainer of thousands of activists across the world, for a special condensed introduction to the PPWN training. The Occupy movement has been the most important movement towards revolutionary change in a generation. How can we use Kingian philosophy to sustain our movement in the long-term?  Join us at Forum in the Park to find out!

Location: Bradley Manning Plaza (Justin Herman Plaza) near the Embarcadero BART Station in SF, across from the Ferry Building. We will have cushions, blankets to keep you warm, amplified sound, & peacekeepers to keep it alcohol, interruption, & smoke-free.

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